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Qawalla – Providing The Next Generation of Exchange Traded Funds

Qawalla Industries, a Hillsboro, Oregon-based startup, is changing the game for Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) by providing smart contract-based Governance tools and a transparent Explorer platform for the next generation of investing. This startup showcase explores how Qawalla’s unique platform is helping to decentralize fund management, facilitate transparent trading, and provide better cost-efficiency for ETFs.

Decentralized Fund Management with Blockchain Innovation

Qawalla’s primary goal is to disrupt traditional market ETFs by bringing greater transparency, control, and cost efficiency to decentralized markets. By leveraging the power of smart contracts and the transparency of blockchain, Qawalla is providing decentralized fund management tools that can benefit traditional market ETFs migrating to decentralized markets.

Qawalla has created a decentralized application (DApp) for Governance, an Explorer, and a Staking platform built on Polygon chains. The Governance DApp is designed to provide full transparency for ETF management decisions and to offer flexibility in the management of assets. The Explorer platform, on the other hand, makes it easy to track assets, verify balances, understand trading activity, and provide market intelligence. The staking platform is focused on building community participation and incentivizing various actors in the ecosystem.

Solving Traditional ETF Challenges in Decentralized Markets

Traditional market mutual funds have offered many advantages over building a portfolio one asset at a time. Qawalla sees the same potential benefits in Blockchain, Crypto, and Decentralized markets, i.e., lower operating costs than traditional open-end funds, flexible control, greater transparency, and better fund efficiency.

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With its new solution, Qawalla fills a crucial gap in ETF management by providing a platform for managing a diversified portfolio of assets in decentralized markets, providing full transparency and flexibility in investment decisions to users. Furthermore, this change can improve the cost efficiency of ETFs, making investing more accessible to all, especially in countries where the regulations are too tough for ETFs, which increases scalability within decentralized markets.

Transparency and Security

Blockchain technology is inherently secure, and by leveraging this technology, Qawalla can offer full transparency for ETF management decisions. Transactions are recorded and verified publicly, with no chance of votes being tampered with, making Qawalla a credible, secure, and trustworthy platform.


What makes Qawalla different from other blockchain startups focusing on decentralized finance is that they are making an immediate impact on traditional ETFs by bringing greater transparency, control, and cost efficiency to decentralized markets. Qawalla is not just a blockchain project that focuses on raising funds; it is a means to foster innovative investment mechanisms for the whole community.

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