Revolutionizing Authentication: How is Phigital Technology Confronting Counterfeit Chains?

Key Takeaways:

  • Top Tier Authentics is a unique phigital (physical + digital) tech company.
  • Its technology interlocks digital experiences with physical assets.
  • Introduces a revolutionary blockchain-based solution to combat fraud and counterfeiting.
  • Bridges the gap between physical and digital realms using innovative QR code technology.


In an era of technological advancements and digitalization of virtually everything, a company emerges from Yonkers, New York, addressing an industry pain point not many may have ever thought could be solved. Top Tier Authentics, helmed by founder Dmitriy Azarenko, masterfully blends the physical and digital worlds to shape a unique experience for users in multiple sectors.

Top Tier Authentics (TTA) is a phigital technology company that innovatively digitizes an experience and instantly links it with a physical asset. This cutting-edge technology allows users to authenticate and verify these experiences, their creation, and lifecycle, revolutionizing the concept of verification and authentication.

Distinct Pointers

The genius of Top Tier Authentics lies in the idea of leveraging blockchain technology to verify physical assets. Conventional sectors like sports memorabilia, original art, and consumer goods have seen a rise in counterfeit items that mar their market reputation and value. TTA targets this problem head-on with its innovative solution. Its blockchain-based technology helps eradicate fraud and disrupt counterfeiting supply chains, bringing an unprecedented level of authenticity to these sectors.

TTA’s unique authentication process goes beyond mere item verification. The company has developed a process that integrates a video experience with the product using a QR code. This allows users to re-experience the exact moment, history, culture, or time of personal significance associated with the item, thus preserving the authenticity of the entire experience.

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The future of Top Tier Authentics looks promising and full of endless possibilities. As more sectors notice the massive potential of this revolutionary authentication process, adoption may become widespread. The technology not only provides a novel and secure way to authenticate assets but also brings a broader, sentimental dimension to things we cherish and collect. Despite being based in the United States, the company’s innovative technology could easily expand to cater to global markets, with a scope for further enhancement and exploration.

For more information on Top Tier Authentics and its groundbreaking technology, you can visit their website at and follow them on their official LinkedIn page at

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