Revolutionizing Crypto Trading: Spotlight on Leading Non-Custodial Exchange Innovations?

Key Takeaways:

  • Quantex is a cutting-edge crypto exchange, offering both a non-custodial swap platform and an advanced trading platform.
  • The startup specializes in building electronic trading platforms and is constantly innovating to improve the offerings on the Quantex Exchange.
  • Quantex Coin (QTX) removes trading and withdrawal fees and comes with many other benefits.
  • Founded by Andrew Elkhoury, the startup aims to revolutionize the cryptocurrency trade industry.

San Francisco based startup, Quantex, is revolutionizing the world of digital currency commerce by offering both a non-custodial swap platform and an advanced trading platform. Opting to put control back in the hands of their users, Quantex demarks itself from the crowd by offering these two types of trading platforms, allowing customers to choose the style of trading that they prefer.

Quantex, previously known as CryptiSwap, offers a unique utility token named Quantex Coin (QTX). This native exchange token offers users the chance to save on trading or withdrawal fees, along with many other amenities. Everything has already been built, and this cryptocurrency will be ready for trade and exchange in December 2022.

What sets Quantex apart from other cryptocurrency exchanges is the array of choices and freedoms granted to the traders who use their platform. This is demonstrated by the freedom of choice when it comes to custody of funds. Traders can either choose to take custody of their own funds on the non-custodial swap platform or let Quantex manage them on the trading platform.

The release of their own utility token, Quantex Coin (QTX) further differentiates Quantex. The token aims to enhance the trading experience by offering benefits such as no trading or withdrawal fees, emphasizing the company’s bid to prioritize customer convenience and satisfaction in their platform.

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Looking ahead, Quantex is certainly one to watch in the blockchain industry. Their innovative approach to the cryptocurrency trading platform provides a precedent for others to follow. With their official website launch in December 2022, and with continuous enhancements and features being added to their platform, Quantex is steadily growing into a dominant player in the crypto exchange world.

With a company mantra of building superior global crypto exchanges, founder Andrew Elkhoury is optimistic about the future of Quantex and the industry as a whole. Stay connected with Quantex on the official website, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to keep up with their exciting innovations and updates.

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