Revolutionizing Financial Exchange: A Fair, Scalable Solution Using Blockchain Technology?

Key Takeaways

  • VatnForn (Deepwaters) is a Delaware-based startup revolutionizing financial exchange with its hybrid blockchain-based exchange.
  • The company guarantees demonstrably fair pricing, fair execution, and true market data at scale.
  • It ensures a high level of integrity, crash fault tolerance and non-interference assurance while preventing any discretionary actions by privileged parties.
  • With a strong founding team, VatnForn is set to transform the financial platform industry, utilizing blockchain technology in a unique way.


VatnForn (Deepwaters), a US-based startup, is hubbed in Delaware City, Delaware and is taking significant strides in the realm of financial services, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and software industries. The company’s primary focus is on the development of a hybrid exchange platform that can provide demonstrably fair pricing, execution, and true market data at scale. It becomes one of the first in the industry to ensure a provably trustworthy trading platform.

Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, VatnForn (Deepwaters) has designed a unique platform that enforces impartiality. Its systems are built to prevent discretionary actions by all privileged parties, including itself – a promise of utmost integrity that sets it apart in the industry.

Differential Aspects

What makes VatnForn (Deepwaters) particularly outstanding is its capability of high transactional throughput and complex operations. While the blockchain world faces scalability issues, Deepwaters is uniquely built to meet high-demand scenarios, ensuring crash fault tolerance and an efficient system. The company raises the standard of blockchain application within the financial and cryptocurrency industries.

More than just a financial platform, VatnForn (Deepwaters) has set its footing firm in setting a new standard in the industry. Through blockchain technology, it provides an immutable custody which ensures that data cannot be tampered with once recorded, which brings an unparalleled level of security and trust into the financial trade.

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Looking towards the Future

VatnForn (Deepwaters) is well-positioned for the future of the financial exchange industry. As more companies and industries recognise the power and potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, the need for reliable, fair, and scalable solutions will only grow. With its strong foundation and innovative platform, Deepwaters is poised to play a significant role in this transformative journey.

With a skilled and experienced founder’s team comprising Dylan Peters, Greg Barnes, Mihai Dinulescu and Zorrik Voldman, VatnForn looks set to conquer new horizons in the foreseeable future. For more on this exciting company, visit their website and follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn

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