Revolutionizing Government Contracting: Can Big Data and IT Improve Procurement Processes?

Key Takeaways:

  • Govly is a startup specializing in Big Data, GovTech, and IT located in Denver, Colorado.
  • They are revolutionizing government procurement by building a network for government contracting, similar to AngelList.
  • The platform connects Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Value-Added Resellers (VARs), and prime contract holders in a single network.
  • Govly provides real-time opportunities from non-public contract feeds along with a tool suite to streamline the bidding process.
  • The platform allows businesses to monitor, curate, and analyze the federal procurement ecosystem to focus on the opportunities that give the best chance of success.

An increasingly digital world demands innovative solutions for government procedures that can often be slow and complex. That’s where Denver-based startup, Govly, comes in. The company has positioned itself as a revolutionary player in the realm of government contracting. Harnessing the power of Big Data and IT, Govly is building a market network for government procurement – creating a unique platform that’s being compared to AngelList.

At the heart of Govly’s mission is the goal to streamline and modernize government procurement processes by leveraging the capabilities of advanced technologies. They provide an ecosystem where OEMs, VARs, and prime contract holders can discover and bid for contracts in a more efficient and effectual way.

Govly unlocks opportunities that significantly differentiate it from other startups. The innovative network they have created is aggregated with real-time opportunities from non-public contract feeds. This means businesses have access to a type of market data and opportunity that was previously hard to come by and often required insider knowledge and connections. Additionally, Govly offers a suite of tools designed to streamline the cumbersome bidding process, from discovery to award. Businesses can monitor, curate and analyze the federal procurement ecosystem in a systematic manner, therefore, applying resources and efforts on opportunities with a higher probability of success.

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The firm also provides a platform for government agencies to reach out to an array of businesses and entrepreneurs, bringing more diversity and innovation to government contracting. This marks a significant shift in the government procurement process by making it more transparent, inclusive, and competitive.

The future seems promising for Govly, as the evolution of Big Data and IT is predicted to bring consistent growth in sectors like government contracting, where traditional processes are being replaced with more technologically advanced systems. By offering a platform that simplifies the complex procurement process, Govly is set to play a crucial role in bringing government contracting into the digital era. The startup truly iterates the possibilities of how Big Data and IT can drastically improve procurement processes and affirms that the future is here.

For more information about Govly and to keep up-to-date with their latest developments, visit their website at and follow them on LinkedIn.

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