Revolutionizing Miami: Influential Real Estate Investment Startups Of 2023 Revealed

Emerging from the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, a new breed of startups is making waves in the real estate investment scene. These startups are leveraging technology, innovative business models, and a sharp understanding of the local market to generate attractive investment opportunities for both individual and institutional investors. Here is a closer look at some of the most interesting real estate investment startups based in Miami.

Miami’s real estate market is known for its dynamism and diversity, making it a fertile ground for startups. The city’s unique blend of cultures, its strong economy, and the constant influx of tourists and immigrants contribute to the continuous demand for real estate. The surge of technology and the demand for innovation in the industry have given rise to several impressive startups.

From blockchain and crypto-inspired startups to impact investment management firms, these startups are not only disrupting the conventional real estate industry but are also shaping the future of real estate in Miami and beyond. Let’s dive into each of these companies and see what they have to offer.

1212 Capital Partners

1212 Capital Partners is an investment management firm that specializes in impact investments and real estate investment. Their work within the financial services, hedge funds, and impact investing industries has set them apart in the Miami startup scene.

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The Hype Real Estate Group

Not your ordinary real estate brokerage agency, The Hype Real Estate Group has transformed leasing and real estate investment into something extraordinary with its unique and customer-focused approach.

Creative Realty Group

Creative Realty Group is a full-service real estate firm that specializes in retail tenant representation, strategic planning, and market analysis services. They operate in a wide spectrum of industry sectors from asset management to residential real estate.

Bayside Funding

As a financial services company, Bayside Funding offers a range of services within banking, lending, and real estate investment. They are making their mark in the industry by providing innovative financial solutions to real estate investors.


Bringing a novel concept to reality, Rotamundos, founded by Javier Cárdenas Ibarra, allows you to acquire property cards of homes around the world and receive monthly rentals in your wallet. This innovative mode of virtual real estate investment is something to watch out for.

REX Protocol

REX Protocol, co-founded by Constantino Heredia, brings the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency to real estate. Offering a crypto real estate exchange, they represent the future of the finance and real estate sectors.

Future of Cities

Co-founded by Tony Cho, Future of Cities is a real estate development company redefining property development and real estate investment to craft the cities of tomorrow., founded by Neel Kawale and Richard Swerdlow, offers a developer-direct condo marketplace, revolutionizing real estate and real estate investment to cater to the evolving needs of property seekers.


CriptoCasa leverages blockchain technology to ensure transparency and security in real estate investment. Their contribution to the world of cryptocurrency is revolutionizing the traditional real estate system.

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FinanceMiami is a real estate capital advisory firm. They are facilitating commercial real estate investments by bridging the gap between investors and investees.

Global RCG

Global RCG, based out of Miami, is a tech-enabled advisory services firm providing global mobility and residency solutions for consumers and enterprises. Founded by Rogelio Caceres, you can get more details from their website here.

Carvalho Commercial Real Estate

Founded by Luciana Carvalho, Carvalho Commercial Real Estate brings over 15 years of experience in the commercial real estate sector in South Florida.


Getaway, co-founded by Ali Nichols and Amr Shafik, uses technology and data to help investors capitalize on the burgeoning real estate market by offering premier real estate through design and data services.

Mashman Properties

Isaac Mashman’s property investment firm, Mashman Properties, is a privately-held real estate investment firm making a name for itself in both commercial and residential real estate.


Founded by Diego Varela Prada and Laura Daniela Muñoz Palacios, Ambana is making it possible for anybody to invest in Real Estate opportunities in Latin America. They do this by fractionalizing rental properties, a notion that has the potential to disrupt the Latin American real estate market.

These pioneering startups from Miami, Florida are redefining the real estate investment landscape through unique business models and technological adaption. Their innovative approaches to real estate investment are shaping the future of the market in exciting ways.

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