Revolutionizing Snacks: Will Ultrasonic Energy Change the Food and Beverage Industry?

Key Takeaways:

  • SOUND Foods, a California-based startup, is revolutionizing snack bars and combat rations with ultrasonic energy.
  • The company was founded in collaboration with the US Army, aiming to provide nutritious, convenient, pleasing food for soldiers and consumers alike.
  • SOUND’s technology solves major problems associated with current military rations, and offers potential for the wider food and beverage industry.
  • The role of innovative technology in shaping the future of the food and beverage industry.


From Los Angeles, California, a startup named SOUND Foods is dramatically changing the approach to snack bars and military meals. While the snack bar market is already overflowing with options, SOUND Foods has caught attention by using ultrasonic energy to form snack bars. This technology isn’t just for producing tastier, easier-to-store snacks, but has far-reaching potential in the food and beverage industry. Developed in partnership with the US Army, the innovative solution represents both the future of combat feeding and consumer snacking.

Rather than forcing soldiers to compromise between taste, texture, nutrition, and convenience on the battlefield, SOUND is creating food products, keeping warfighters as well as everyday consumers in mind. This startup is addressing the significant issues found in today’s military rations and putting in robust efforts to resolve them through their groundbreaking approach.

What sets SOUND Foods Apart:

SOUND Foods is not just contributing to the snack bar market, but it is also bringing in innovative technology that is unique to them. By utilizing ultrasonic energy in the production process, they are adapting a scientifically-advanced technique with considerable potential. This process overcomes the fundamental problems linked with current military rations such as taste, texture, and nutritional values. Through their technology, they can create food that is tastier, travels better, and ultimately better for the consumer or warfighter.

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Moreover, working closely with the US Army, the company benefits from a deep understanding of the specific needs and issues affecting the military’s food supply. Their focus on this specialized market guarantees their product meets and exceeds the demanding standards required by this crucial consumer base. Not only does this singularity present as its differentiator, but also facilitates in forecasting its future potential in the food and beverage industry.

Future of SOUND Foods and Its Industry:

SOUND Foods, with its ground-breaking ultrasonic techniques for forming superior snack bars, is destined to create significant waves in the food and beverage industry. If successful, the scope for utilizing ultrasonic energy in other spheres of food and beverage production could be immense. This kind of innovation could revolutionize food preservation techniques, packaging, and even flavor enhancement. What the US Army requires for their warfighters could translate into what consumers have been waiting for, striking a balance between taste, nutritional value, convenience, and sustainability.

As SOUND stays rooted in the intersection of technology, nutrition, and demand, the future looks promising – both for the company and the industry it presides in. To catch further glimpses of the revolution SOUND is creating, keep in touch with them on their website, or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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