Santa Monica’s Key Software Startups Transforming Tech Landscape in America

Gracing the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Santa Monica, California is more than just a popular beach town. Known globally for its iconic pier, Santa Monica is also making waves in the tech world as a bedrock of innovation, particularly in the software industry. The following report showcases a curated list of 15 intriguing software startups in Santa Monica. These innovative newcomers run the gamut of sectors, from e-commerce and predictive analytics to entertainment and health care, zooming in on the impressive breadth and depth of resources the city provides to startups.

The Santa Monica startup ecosystem offers an ideal convergence of funding options, mentorship opportunities, a diverse talent pool, world-class technology infrastructure, and a supportive legislative environment. Entrepreneurs network with venture capitalists and angel investors during the week, then unwind by surfing at the beach during the weekend. The quality of life is exceptional, providing a balance that allows ideas to germinate and innovation to thrive.

Let’s take a trip from the sands of Santa Monica beach into the boardrooms and brainstorming sessions of these up and coming software startups. So, fasten your seat belts as we embark on this needful journey to meet these ingenious startups redefining various industries and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Sensible Weather

Founded by Nick Cavanaugh, Sensible Weather is on a mission to de-risk weather for travelers and travel partners. This climate risk technology company operates within the analytics, predictive analytics, publishing, software, and travel industries.

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Workorder AI

Under the leadership of Marty Cornish, Workorder AI is providing a much-needed solution for construction cost estimators with their automated quantity takeoff software. They’re part of the artificial intelligence and software industry.


Ikaria, co-founded by Chrys Bader-Wechseler and Sean Dadashi, aims to enhance community engagement via their online platform. Ikaria serves the internet, social, and software industries.


Co-founded by Elizabeth Gansen, Henry Meller, and Ross Hale, Artium is making its mark in the computer and software industry by advancing the craft of software development for creators, visionaries, and humanity.


Amit Kapur, Chris Bissell, and Karl Rinderknecht founded WhoCo, a modern talent platform that leverages advisors, technology, and data to help professionals build careers and companies build teams, serving the internet, recruiting, and software industries.


ARTISTE PRO™ is making waves in the film production, internet, media and entertainment, and software industries. This startup operates as a media and entertainment industry.

IRIS Freight

IRIS, founded by Charles Oddo, Garrett Lang, and Justin Shane, offers an end-to-end shipping platform, creating a safer, more efficient, and transparent supply chain for perishable goods.


Founded by Adam Webber, CallCast transforms phone calls into podcasts. This inventive startup operates within the messaging and software industries.


Under the leadership of Cyrus Taghehchian, Cartrev has developed a social selling platform to generate shoppable posts for participating brands, serving the e-commerce, social media, and software industries.


Nadav Goshen and Ori Hofnung co-founded GiantLeap, the world’s 1st child development evaluation platform that can be administered by non-professionals, within the child care, IT, and software industry.

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CHER® is a marketplace founded by Eric Chebil that makes co-ownership for primary residences simple and flexible. It serves various sectors, including financial services, real estate, social network, and software.


Co-founded by Abe Malkin and Moaz Hamid, mvmtAi leverages machine learning and computer vision within the health, wellness, and healthcare sector.


In the ecommerce sector, Magentofx offers Magento development services, extension development, and migration services. The platform serves the ecommerce, enterprise software, open source, web design, and web development industries.


Zuub was established by Liem Doan, Luka Sklizovic, and Robert Kim to serve the healthcare, dental, SaaS and software industries.


IndieFlow, founded by Elad Pankovski, Omer Matz, and Pietro Majovka, is an all-in-one workflow management platform for independent musicians and teams, serving the music, performing arts, SaaS, and software industries.

Each of these startups in Santa Monica is contributing to the area’s reputation as a burgeoning tech hub. They’re navigating the challenges of their respective industries with unwavering enthusiasm, creativity, and innovation. Watch this space as they continue building, growing, and making a significant impact in their industries.

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