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SilverMoxie Ventures – Revolutionizing Supplier Diversity and Support for Silver Entrepreneurs

As a startup, SilverMoxie Ventures has set out to create an age-inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports and assists entrepreneurs who are 50+ or are transitioning from employed to self-employed. With a focus on supply chain and procurement management, SilverMoxie empowers individuals to create innovative products and services while addressing the unique needs and concerns of corporations, educational institutions, and government entities.

With an innovative approach to edtech, coaching, and digital education, SilverMoxie Ventures is a prime example of how technology can be used to support and uplift entrepreneurs, no matter their age or background.

SilverMoxie Ventures – An Age-Inclusive Ecosystem

One of the primary goals of SilverMoxie Ventures is to create an age-inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem that encourages and empowers entrepreneurs who are 50+. With a focus on supplier diversity, this company aims to help bridge the gap between the need for diverse solutions and the lack of representation in the supply chain industry.

Innovative Edtech and Coaching – Supporting Emerging Entrepreneurs

SilverMoxie Ventures offers a range of educational products and digital spaces that aid in the development and enrichment of entrepreneurs. Through coaching, experiential and digital education, SilverMoxie empowers entrepreneurs to advance their emerging entrepreneurial careers by providing access to economic mechanisms.

Addressing Unique Supply Chain Needs with SaaS and Education Services

By creating innovative products and services that solve unique supply chain needs for corporations, educational institutions, and government entities, SilverMoxie Ventures is successfully bridging the gap between supply chain diversity and innovation. With a focus on coaching and education services, this company helps entrepreneurs create revolutionary solutions that address specific needs in the marketplace.

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With their focus on supplier diversity and age-inclusivity, SilverMoxie Ventures is revolutionizing the way we think about entrepreneurship. By creating an ecosystem that supports and empowers individuals, this start-up is redefining what it means to be an entrepreneur in today’s market.


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