Startup Showcase: Accent – Celebrate Diversity with Customized Gifts

The Modern Way to Celebrate Diversity in Corporate Gifting

Accent is a San Francisco-based startup that is changing the way companies give gifts to their employees. As the newest employee gifting platform for the modern workforce, Accent helps companies celebrate diversity by sending customized gifts for holidays, celebrations, and swag events. Companies spend $90 billion on gifts and experiences, but generic gifting isn’t working anymore. With Accent, it’s time to update the way you give gifts and celebrate holidays other than the ones recognized by Hallmark.

Celebrating Diversity in the Modern Workforce

The workforce is changing, and it’s becoming more diverse than ever before. Companies are recognizing the need to celebrate diversity and inclusion, not just on special occasions but all year round. With Accent, companies can easily recognize their new, diverse workforce. Accent specializes in celebrating diversity, from Eid, Diwali, Lunar New Year to Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, Pride Month, AAPI Month, Mental Health Awareness Month, and more. This means that companies can send gifts that are personalized and meaningful, rather than generic and uninspired.

Personalized and Offline Touchpoints

Accent is a B2B corporate gifting platform that helps companies build personalized and offline touchpoints. The platform allows customers to create gifts for any type of event. Customers simply choose from Accent’s unique set of products, write personalized messages, and send gifts to their recipients. This means that companies can create a personal connection with their employees, even if they are working remotely.

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Update the Way You Give Gifts

Accent is changing the way companies give gifts, and it’s about time. Instead of sending tired, generic, run-of-the-mill gifts that are not targeted to a receiver’s interest, companies can now try Accent. Accent’s gifts are personalized and meaningful, making them the perfect way to celebrate diversity in the modern workforce. By updating the way you give gifts, you can create a better work culture and improve employee satisfaction.


Accent is a startup that is changing the way companies give gifts to their employees. By celebrating diversity and sending personalized and meaningful gifts, companies can improve their work culture and create a better employee experience. If you’re looking for a modern way to celebrate diversity in corporate gifting, try Accent today!





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