Startup Showcase: Atlis – Revolutionizing Local Recommendations for a Better User Experience

Empowering Local Communities to Share Positive Experiences in Real-Time

Local recommendations have always been a crucial part of discovering great businesses, products, and services. In a world where search platforms are overloaded with average star ratings, Atlis is taking a unique approach to digitizing word-of-mouth recommendations for a large-scale audience. Based in New York City, Atlis has built a community-driven platform that empowers satisfied customers to have a stronger voice than ever before, while also benefiting local businesses.

Atlis has eliminated the toxicity and abuse of local businesses in the consumer feedback loop, enabling satisfied customers to share their positive experiences directly with others. By creating a platform that mimics the preferred channel of “friendly advice,” users can now ask for recommendations from others in real-time. With Atlis, word-of-mouth advice is collected and aggregated into a massive dataset that can be searched passively. In time, this data will be transformed by machine learning to create personalized search results that are tailored to individual user preferences.

Empowering the Community with Positive Recommendations

Traditional local search platforms rely heavily on average star ratings, which can be misleading and create a poor user experience. These products are often slow and inefficient, causing significant harm to local business reputations. Atlis is revolutionizing local recommendations by building a platform that focuses solely on positive experiences. By empowering the community to share their positive feedback in real-time, Atlis is creating a trustworthy and reliable platform for local recommendations.

A Digital Platform for City-Wide Recommendations

Atlis has taken the preferred channel of “friendly advice” and created a city-wide audience for users to share local recommendations. This digital platform makes it easy for users to ask for and receive recommendations for various local businesses, products, and services. Atlis tracks user preferences and collects a repository of word-of-mouth advice across an entire city, making that dataset available via a passive search experience as well. This unique approach creates a win-win situation for both users and local businesses, as positive recommendations are promoted and amplified in real-time.

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Valuable Partnerships and an Engaged User Base

Since its launch in NYC in October 2016, Atlis has built an engaged user base of over 10,000 and has signed up over 200 local businesses without any B2B efforts. Additionally, Atlis has secured valuable partnerships with Google, OpenTable, and others. These partnerships have allowed Atlis to reach a larger audience and continue to innovate in the local recommendations space.

Atlis is an exciting and innovative startup that is transforming the way we discover and share local recommendations. By digitizing word-of-mouth recommendations for a large-scale audience, Atlis has created a reliable and trustworthy platform for both users and local businesses. As the platform continues to evolve, Atlis will undoubtedly become a go-to resource for anyone looking for trusted local recommendations.





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