Startup Showcase: Authillo – The World’s First Internet Passport

You know the drill: you’re browsing your favorite social media platform or online store, and you stumble upon fake accounts with misleading information or reviews. It’s frustrating for everyone involved: users, legitimate brands, and advertising partners, unable to build trust in the virtual environment. That’s where Authillo comes in – a revolutionary passport that guarantees the verification of the user’s identity, efficiently solving the problem of fake or inconsistent virtual identities from the internet once and for all.

What is Authillo?

Authillo is a Santa Clara-based identity verification company, offering passwordless login and authentication services to help online platforms limit access to users who cannot verify their identity through browser-based facial recognition with state-of-the-art software. Avoiding the privacy concerns that come with sharing large amounts of user data between online platforms, Authillo enables users to safeguard their virtual selves with an internet passport uniquely tailored to each user’s identity and privacy preferences.

Features and Benefits

Authillo’s technology is fundamental to our success: it delivers a seamless onboarding process to users’ chosen platforms, with only minimal integration required of said platforms. Furthermore, users only supply relevant and pertinent data to each platform, lending an extra layer of privacy protection to the user.

By identifying inconsistencies, anomalies or dormant accounts, Authillo eliminates fake accounts and ensures that the platform only gathers an accurate representation of its user base, promoting a more trustworthy and loyal community. Additionally, the multi-level security of the Authillo internet passport ensures greater data security for users, without compromising on the flexibility of their virtual presence.

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Technical Capabilities

Our cutting-edge software utilizes facial recognition and liveness detection technology to ensure our clients’ platforms can trust the identities of their users. The software is continuously updated and refined to improve performance, security, and accuracy. Authillo has a dedicated team and a robust process to offer only the highest level of customer support.

Looking Forward

Authillo’s focus is set on the future of the internet, with an emphasis on guaranteeing its security and privacy for all. We strive to create a community of trustworthy virtual identities and a framework for future innovations as the technology and cybersecurity landscapes continue to evolve.

Join Us!

Authillo is proud of the advances that we have made in identity verification and continues to seek new ways of improving virtual security, privacy, and usability. Please join us in creating a better, safer, and more intelligent internet for all; visit us online at, or follow us on social media at @authillo.





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