Startup Showcase: Baller Mixed Reality – Pioneering the New Era of Metaverse Collectibles

Baller Mixed Reality is a Miami Beach-based startup that is pioneering the new era of Autographed Metaverse Collectibles with its creation of Augmented Reality NFTs autographed by legendary athletes and entertainers. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll explore how Baller Mixed Reality is changing the way we collect and experience sports memorabilia and entertainment collectibles.

Revolutionizing the Collectibles Industry

Baller Mixed Reality produces unique digital assets that can be placed into real-world environments and viewed from 360 degrees in high-definition 3D – both inside and outside of the metaverse. Unlike other NFTs, Baller’s innovative collectibles sit at the nexus of the $15B market for sports memorabilia, $25B market for NFTs, and the projected $6.2B market for Augmented Reality Smart Glasses – which will soon be released by Apple, Samsung, Facebook, and others.

Baller’s Augmented Reality NFTs offer a new level of immersion and interactivity, allowing fans to experience their favorite sports and entertainment collectibles in a whole new way. Baller has already made waves in the industry, becoming the first to create and sell an augmented reality NFT of an autographed collectible.

Verifiable Authenticity on the Blockchain

One of the major problems in the collectibles market is fraud and counterfeit items. Baller Mixed Reality leverages blockchain technology to solve this long-standing problem. The authenticity and individual ownership of each Baller asset is verifiable on the blockchain, eliminating the potential for fraud and false ownership claims.

The combination of cutting-edge technology and blockchain verification makes Baller Mixed Reality’s Augmented Reality NFTs an exciting new addition to the world of collectibles.

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Recognition and Support

Baller Mixed Reality has received significant recognition and support in the industry. According to Crunchbase, Baller is the #1 ranked 3D Technology Company, #1 ranked Augmented Reality Company with Seed Funding, and #1 ranked Blockchain Company with Seed Funding in the United States.

Baller Mixed Reality has also been featured in several major publications, including Yahoo, Benzinga, and Bloomberg. The company’s innovative approach to collectibles has been praised by experts in the field and has garnered significant attention from collectors and fans.


Baller Mixed Reality is revolutionizing the collectibles industry with its Augmented Reality NFTs autographed by legendary athletes and entertainers. The company’s innovative approach combines cutting-edge technology with blockchain verification to create a new level of immersion and interactivity for fans. Baller Mixed Reality’s unique digital assets offer a new way to experience sports memorabilia and entertainment collectibles.





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