Startup Showcase Collaborating for Success: 15 Innovative Startups in San Francisco

Discover the top 15 collaboration startups in San Francisco, California, revolutionizing how teams work together.

In the bustling tech hub of San Francisco, there is no shortage of innovative startups pushing the boundaries of collaboration technology. From async collaboration platforms to unified productivity tools, these companies are changing the way teams work together. Here are 15 of the most interesting collaboration startups in San Francisco:


The most powerful platform for async collaboration that helps teams streamline knowledge management and productivity tools.


Allows teams to collaborate on consistent and effective copy, which is especially useful for product design, software development, and UX design.


A lightweight, spontaneous voice and video collaboration app for remote teams, making unified communications easier than ever before.

ADEx Document Intelligence:

Purpose-built document automation for the real estate industry, helping teams better manage their documents, contracts, and agreements.


A video calling platform designed for remote teams to collaborate through live video chats, making remote work feel less isolating.


An integrated marketplace and management solution for infrastructure projects and the deals that pay for them, helping teams streamline procurement and management.


Develops a virtual office software that helps remote teams collaborate more effectively, ensuring that everyone stays connected.


Combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet with the power of a database to enable any organization to create their own workflow, making it easier to manage and organize projects.


A platform for sharing live websites and files for feedback, which is especially useful for B2B collaboration, consumer marketing, and software development.

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The #1 DORA metrics tracker, empowering teams with insights and automation without spying on developers.


Organizes and shares building visual information to develop, manage, and transact faster, making it easier to manage commercial real estate.


The first AppStore for companies, helping employees receive access to the right apps and permissions for the right amount of time, streamlining identity management and security.


The unified presales productivity platform built to help technical sellers win more business, combining CRM and sales automation in a single platform.


Turns any website into a collaborative document, making it easier to manage documents and web development projects.


A free background remover that helps businesses quickly remove the background from images, streamlining marketing and collaboration efforts.


These startups in San Francisco are creating exciting and innovative collaboration solutions that are changing the way teams work together. Whether it’s asynchronous communication, unified productivity tools, or document automation, these companies are making remote work easier and more effective than ever before. As these startups continue to evolve and innovate, they will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of work.

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