Startup Showcase: DigiCARE Realized – AI-enabled Platform for Early Detection and Care in Alzheimer’s Disease

Revolutionizing Alzheimer's Care with AI and Electronic Health Records


As the global population ages, the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia (ADRD) is rising at an alarming rate. The burden of caring for ADRD patients falls mainly on families, and the cost of care is rapidly escalating. However, early detection of ADRD can lead to more proactive care and better outcomes for patients. That’s where DigiCARE Realized comes in. This AI-enabled platform uses machine learning to comb through electronic health records to detect early-stage ADRD with high accuracy.

AI-Enabled Platform for Proactive ADRD Care

DigiCARE Realized is an emerging AI-technology firm that commercializes evidence-based solutions for modernizing care for complex brain diseases like ADRD. The company’s initial focus is on ADRD, where they seek to deliver equitable, accessible, and patient-centered care through their AI-enabled platform. DigiCARE Realized collaborates with health systems to deliver routine brain care for the growing, aging population.

The company’s flagship product is based on the core principle that “if you can measure it, you can manage it.” Early detection of ADRD offers the opportunity for timely diagnosis, leading to more proactive care. DigiCARE Realized aims to develop and curate care management solutions that support proactive care in ADRD.

Passive ADRD Detection with High Accuracy

Powered by machine learning, DigiCARE Realized’s software provides passive ADRD detection with approximately 80% performance accuracy for 1- and 3-year prediction horizons. The software combs through routinely-collected data found in patient health records to sort through structured and unstructured data. This approach makes it possible to detect early-stage ADRD in all patients, regardless of what language they speak, how little time their provider has, or what kind of screening approach is selected that day.

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Benefits of Early ADRD Detection

When health systems can detect early-stage ADRD in patients, they can give them better care. Providers can offer interventions sooner, prevent hospital readmissions, and accelerate participation in clinical trials. Patients benefit from more proactive care and better outcomes. Additionally, early detection of ADRD can help reduce the burden on families and reduce healthcare costs.


DigiCARE Realized is revolutionizing the care of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia with its AI-enabled platform. The company’s approach to passive ADRD detection using machine learning and electronic health records is a game-changer. Early detection can lead to more proactive care and better outcomes for patients. DigiCARE Realized is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the field of brain disease care, and we can expect to see more exciting developments from this innovative startup in the coming years.




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