Startup Showcase: EnlitenAI – Revolutionizing Neurological Care with AI-Driven Platform for Seizures and Epilepsy Management

EnlitenAI is a promising early-stage startup based in Tracy, California, that is building an AI-driven platform for better management and treatment of neurological conditions. EnlitenAI’s flagship product, NeuroLiten, is a cloud-based SaaS subscription platform designed to address the specific needs of patients suffering from seizures and epilepsy, and eventually, other neurological conditions.

With its cutting-edge technology, EnlitenAI aims to revolutionize the way neurological care is delivered, personalized, and monitored. The company’s vision is to create a connected platform that leverages the power of AI, data analytics, wearables, and IoT devices to provide patients with personalized healthcare that is tailored to their unique needs.

Epilepsy as the Immediate Focus

EnlitenAI’s NeuroLiten platform focuses on epilepsy and seizures as a starting point to build appropriate functionality and features. Epilepsy offers specificity that is required to create a platform with the right algorithms and data. The company is currently building a comprehensive library of data and algorithms to address the needs of epilepsy patients, which will be further extended to other neurological conditions.

Scalable and Extendable Platform

EnlitenAI’s NeuroLiten platform is both scalable and extendable, designed as a connected platform for personalized healthcare for neurological conditions. The platform leverages AI, data analytics, wearables, and IoT devices to provide a comprehensive healthcare solution. EnlitenAI’s platform is mobile and web-enabled, ensuring that patients have access to their healthcare information wherever they go.

Monitoring Vital Parameters with Wearables

EnlitenAI’s NeuroLiten platform enables patients to monitor their vital parameters using wearables, which is then integrated with AI and data analytics to provide personalized healthcare. The platform uses context-rich data to provide patients with insights into their health, including how their lifestyle and environment affect their condition. NeuroLiten’s AI-driven platform enables physicians to make data-driven decisions, enabling personalized treatment for patients.

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The Future of Neurological Care

EnlitenAI’s vision is to build an end-to-end platform that creates a novel healthcare delivery system by monitoring patient vital parameters using wearables and leveraging AI/Analytics on context-rich data for personalized healthcare. The company aims to expand its business into adjacent market segments for autism, ADD, behavioral and sleep disorders, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological conditions.


EnlitenAI’s NeuroLiten platform is the future of neurological care, leveraging AI, data analytics, wearables, and IoT devices to provide personalized healthcare that is tailored to each patient’s unique needs. The platform is scalable and extendable, enabling EnlitenAI to expand its business into adjacent market segments, providing a comprehensive healthcare solution for patients suffering from neurological conditions.





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