Startup Showcase: EyA Americas Inc. – Revolutionizing Data Transactions with Distributed Ledgering and API Connectivity

Newark-based EyA Americas Inc. is transforming the way companies conduct data transactions by utilizing the power of distributed ledgering and API connectivity. EyA has developed strict and comprehensive protocols leveraging Corda, an adopted ledgering solution, to provide ultra-fast and secure P2P transactions. In this startup showcase, we will explore how EyA is redefining the way data is connected across industries, while also providing a unique method of creating a database of relational data fields, ultimately leading to rapid connectivity and control over data sharing.

Ultra-Fast and Secure P2P Transactions with Corda

EyA’s adoption of Corda as its ledgering solution provides a highly secure and efficient way to conduct P2P transactions. Corda performs transactions deep within the stack, much like the layer underpinning TCP/IP on the internet, resulting in ultra-fast transaction speeds. With security being a top priority, Corda ensures that transactions are tamper-proof and can be traced back to their origin, providing a level of transparency that is essential in today’s data-driven world.

API Connectivity for Rapid Data Access Across Industries

EyA takes data connectivity to the next level with its plethora of APIs that provide standardized access to data transactions. With its unique method of creating a database of relational data fields, EyA can rapidly connect a company’s current database solution to an interconnected data world. This allows companies to access data across industries, other data sets, and business operations from any sector, anywhere, at any time. With EyA’s API connectivity, data is no longer siloed, but rather connected in real-time, resulting in more informed business decisions.

  • Granular Permission-Based Solution for Data Sharing
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EyA knows that privacy of data is crucial in today’s world, which is why it has developed a granular permission-based solution that allows companies and individuals to control exactly what others can see and partake in. The solution is designed to share only intrinsic parts of data required to perform any type of transaction, meaning private data is never propagated across the EyA cloud. This ensures that private data remains private, while also allowing for product information that consumers may want to read or firmware updates to be shared with others. With EyA’s solution, companies can share only what is necessary, while keeping sensitive data secure.

In conclusion, EyA Americas Inc. is a startup that is revolutionizing data transactions with distributed ledgering and API connectivity. With its focus on ultra-fast and secure P2P transactions, API connectivity for rapid data access, and granular permission-based solution for data sharing, EyA is changing the way companies interact with data. For more information about EyA Americas Inc., please visit their website.



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