Startup Showcase: Funden – The AI-powered Platform Connecting Founders to Capital

Funden is revolutionizing the fundraising process for startups by leveraging the power of AI. As the #1 fundraising platform for connecting founders to capital, Funden helps entrepreneurs find their ideal investor quickly and efficiently. With its innovative features, Funden is a game-changer for founders looking to raise their next round of funding.

Finding the right investor can be a daunting task for many founders. With limited networks, it can be challenging to connect with the right people who can help you grow your business. Funden solves this problem by providing an AI-powered platform that scouts for startup investors and Venture Capital firms.

Funden’s features make fundraising a breeze for founders. Here are some of the ways Funden can help you raise your next round of funding:

Find the Perfect Investor

Funden’s AI-powered algorithm matches you with the investor who suits your startup the most. From managing partners to angels, Funden can help you find the right investor who shares your vision and can help you take your business to the next level.

Search and Filter

If you prefer the old-school way of searching and filtering, Funden has got you covered. Browse through tens of thousands of investors and VC firms and filter them based on your preferences.

Build Your Contact List

Keep track of your work and save your targeted investors and VC firms by creating multiple contact lists. Funden allows you to organize your contacts and stay on top of your fundraising efforts.

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Send Direct Emails

With Funden, you can send direct emails to your targeted investors and VC firms. Use Funden’s templates or create your own email and hit the send button. Funden makes it easy to connect with potential investors.

Connect on Socials

Once you have approached your favorite investors via email, you can connect with them on Linkedin or follow them on Twitter. Funden makes it easy to build relationships with potential investors and stay on top of their latest updates.

Access Curated Videos

Funden also provides access to curated videos that can help you refine your pitching and negotiation skills. With Funden, you can be prepared for your investor interview and make the best impression possible.


Funden is a must-have tool for founders who are serious about raising capital. With its innovative features and AI-powered algorithms, Funden is changing the way entrepreneurs raise money. Funden is based in San Francisco, California, and serves startups worldwide.





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