Startup Showcase: Healthrageous – Making Healthy Living Easy for Seniors

Subtitle: Revolutionizing Senior Health with Personalized Messaging and Organic Heat & Eat Meals

The world is witnessing a senescence boom like never before. According to the World Health Organization, there will be 2 billion people aged 60 and above in the world by 2050. But, the question is: how many of them will be healthy and happy? This is where Healthrageous comes in, an innovative startup that offers healthy organic heat & eat meals and a digital platform that activates seniors with personalized messaging to choose healthy lifestyles.

Seamless Experience

Healthrageous offers a seamless experience that combines healthy meals with personalized messaging to help seniors engage and make healthy lifestyle decisions. Timely tips conveniently arrive via SMS and email at the fingertips of healthy eaters. It is more than just a meal, it’s a personalized health experience that is easy and accessible for seniors.

Sustained Engagement

The startup offers secure text-message-based messages that nudge and empower healthier actions throughout the year. An immersive experience aligns caregivers, extended care teams, and members in the palms of their hands. This sustained engagement helps to build a healthy routine and develop a trusted relationship between seniors, caregivers, health plans, and their medical and social service providers.

Diabetic and Cardio-Friendly Meals

A standout feature of Healthrageous is their meals that are specially designed to maximize nutritional impact to help improve blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, and weight. These meals are ready in minutes and are portion-controlled to provide essential nutrients with lower sodium and lower carbs. Healthrageous meals make healthy eating easy and convenient for seniors.

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Healthrageous is an innovative startup that is making healthy living easy for seniors. By combining organic heat & eat meals with a personalized SMS-based, digital platform, they are revolutionizing senior health by empowering and nudging seniors towards healthier habits. Their emphasis on sustained engagement and diabetic and cardio-friendly meals make them stand out in the market. To learn more, visit Healthrageous’ website and socials today.


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