Startup Showcase: Holistic Wellness Design – Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.

Holistic Wellness Design, help leaders and their businesses thrive by designing strategies for success. Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.

At Holistic Wellness Design, they help leaders and their businesses thrive by designing strategies for success!

They Help Business Leaders Thrive

Holistic Wellness Design, is a startup in Northern California, focused on helping leaders and their businesses level up their lives and businesses. Their customized approach is founded on their proven proprietary system and 5-point philosophy, used by leaders who have trusted them as their accountability partner, champion and expert guide. From their Business Success & Individual Success solutions, their curated book Library, and their Shop with eBooks and gift cards,  many have found what they need to thrive!

Business Success & Individual Success Solutions

Holistic Wellness Design provides a platform for leaders and their businesses – business owners, law enforcement & military or those in other leadership roles – to design success strategies to empower them to step into their full potential. Their proprietary programs and solutions are designed to facilitate transformation and help leaders level-up their lives and businesses.

Individual Success solutions include offerings to meet people where they are, with their budget, needs and time:

  • eBooks – When one needs simple tools and tips to learn new habits or to get back on track, check out their eBooks – 5 Easy Ways To Be A Healthy Badass and 5 Easy Ways To Energize Your Mornings!
  • Be A Healthy Badass signature success program – When one wants to kickstart new healthy habits or regain momentum, check out their 6 week intensive Be A Healthy Badass program!
  • Individual Success Program – When one wants to let go of self-limiting beliefs and strengthen all parts of themselves and their life, check out their 3 or 6 month Individual Success program!
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Business Success solutions are custom designed for each leader and their organization. For those leading a team, an enterprise, or running a business, that want their people to perform at their peak, to have the tools and resources to avoid burn-out and thrive. For those who lead by example and want to demonstrate how working hard, while taking care of their wellbeing and relationships, leads to ultimate success. From startups, to nonprofits, to mature businesses, they rely on HWD’s unique combination of corporate executive problem solving skills, coupled with their deep understanding of health and wellbeing to get them results

Educational Wellness Library

Holistic Wellness Design offers a Library of inspiring books to discover and purchase. Their library offers a range of curated personal development and health & wellness books, each read and reviewed by their team. Whether you’re looking to improve your well-being, further develop your potential or need a meaningful gift, their library has something for everyone.

Inspirational Gift Shop

Holistic Wellness Design’s Shop offers their proprietary eBook series, the 5 Easy Ways series, their proprietary Business Success & Individual Success solutions and gift cards to get everyone on your list the gift of inspiration!


Holistic Wellness Design offers a comprehensive platform for leaders and their businesses seeking to level-up their lives and businesses. With their personalized approach, proprietary programs and solutions, Library and Shop, they are a one-stop-shop for achieving success!

Isn’t it time for you to thrive?! Whether you want to be the best version of yourself or you are responsible for an organization, our proprietary programs facilitate transformation and get you results! Book your free consultation now!

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