Startup Showcase: Jitsu Industries revolutionizes Business Intelligence with AI and ML

Are you tired of waiting hours for slow SQL queries to provide you with insights into your data? Do you want to cut cloud costs while still accessing terabytes of data? Look no further than Jitsu Industries, the Los Gatos, California-based startup that delivers reliable BI decision-making power using AI and ML.

Jitsu allows thousands of users to simultaneously query terabytes of data with only gigabytes of memory, driving down costs by offering linear price/performance scaling with memory. With complete isolation for memory, CPU, SSD, and disk for database workloads, Jitsu guarantees fast performance even as data sizes grow. Plus, Jitsu provides enterprises with top-notch cloud security through a combination of AWS IAM roles, OAuth, SSO, PostgreSQL grants and privileges, and a complete SaaS offering in your own VPC.

Revolutionizing the BI industry with AI and ML

Jitsu believes that AI and machine learning are the future of BI. With its innovative approach, Jitsu’s AI/ML algorithms improve SQL performance by eliminating cold cache reads and prioritizing frequently accessed data. This ensures that the most important data is always at your fingertips, improving your ability to make accurate decisions. And with natural language processing, Jitsu enables users to interact with data in a conversational, intuitive way.

Scalability with low cloud costs

Jitsu aims to drastically reduce the cost of cloud infrastructure, making data accessible and affordable for businesses of any size. Using Jitsu’s optimization techniques, you can run up to ten times faster SQL queries and batch jobs at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. This makes Jitsu an ideal choice for startups and small businesses looking to maximize their budget without sacrificing performance.

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Security and ease of use

Jitsu’s cloud security is unmatched in the BI industry. Providing AWS IAM roles, OAuth, SSO, PostgreSQL grants, and fine-grained Table/Column/Row level access controls, Jitsu ensures complete security for all users. Plus, Jitsu’s SaaS offering in your own VPC simplifies operations, eliminates the need to manage databases, and saves you time and money.

Conclusion: Jitsu Industries delivers AI-powered BI decision making

Jitsu Industries delivers a revolutionary BI experience for businesses that need to query data quickly, efficiently and securely. The company’s AI and ML algorithms make BI accessible for everyone, regardless of their technical background. And, Jitsu’s ease of use and affordability make it a compelling choice for both small and large businesses. So, if you’re looking to unlock the potential of your data while saving money, take a look at Jitsu.




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