Startup Showcase: luxd – Revolutionizing the Luxury Marketplace

Transforming the Luxury Industry with Circular Business Model

Are you tired of sifting through counterfeit products on online luxury marketplaces? Look no further than luxd, the only luxury marketplace that guarantees 100% authentic items shipped directly from the brands. In this startup showcase, we’ll explore how luxd is changing the game for luxury goods companies and their customers alike.

Introducing luxd: The Future of Luxury E-Commerce

As a startup showcase, it’s crucial to introduce the company’s unique value proposition. Luxd offers luxury brands the opportunity to increase their margins by 3-4x without sacrificing their brand identity. By extending the life cycle of their products, luxury goods companies can avoid the liquidation and destruction of unsold merchandise. Luxd offers a true-first-to-market model, which allows the brands to retain control of their pricing, merchandise, and brand image through their robust dashboard. This innovative approach elevates the brands’ traditional channels while opening up new revenue streams through their shop-in-shop feature.

Sustainable Luxury: Helping Brands to Increase their Circularity

Luxd’s sustainability mission is to help luxury brands increase their circularity. Liquidation and destruction of unsold merchandise is a significant concern for the luxury industry. Luxd’s model offers a sustainable solution for luxury brands, shifting the focus from a linear “take, make, and waste” economy to a circular economy that promotes the reuse of luxury goods. Brands can now safely extend their merchandise life cycle, preventing brand dilution, and ultimately reducing the carbon footprint of the luxury industry.

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Luxd’s Competitive Advantages

The startup showcase would not be complete without highlighting key advantages of luxd’s innovative model. Low operating expenses and no inventory costs mean that the platform can offer a lower commission rate compared to traditional marketplaces. Most importantly, the model was built with the brands’ needs in mind, offering a streamlined and efficient process for selling products to customers. The extravagance of luxury items often requires trust and security in the transaction. Luxd ensures a 100% guaranteed provenance and authenticity of its products because they are shipped directly from the brands, solidifying customer confidence and loyalty.

Luxd: A True Luxury Destination

Luxd offers customers a true “luxury destination” where they can indulge in their favorite products with complete trust and assurance of authenticity. The platform’s customer experience is uniquely designed to resemble a true lifestyle brand experience, with a distinct shop-in-shop feature that allows brands to showcase their unique story and unbridled creativity. Luxd gives customers unparalleled access to the luxury marketplace, providing the perfect venue for discovering new and extraordinary luxury products.


This startup showcase introduced readers to luxd, the true-first-to-market luxury marketplace that guarantees 100% authentic products shipped directly from the brands. Luxd’s unique business model is built with sustainability in mind, offering luxury brands the chance to extend their merchandise life cycle while avoiding brand dilution, and the destruction of unsold inventory. Luxd’s platform is uniquely designed to offer customers a true brand experience, with a distinct shop-in-shop feature and 100% guaranteed authenticity of its products. Luxd is the future of luxury e-commerce, proving to be the perfect venue for innovative luxury brands to showcase their products.

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