Startup Showcase: Midwest Energy Services – Bringing the Energy to Independence, Ohio

Empowering companies in the Midwest to bring the energy!

Midwest Energy Services is a marketing and consulting firm that is rapidly growing and quickly becoming a leader in the energy industry. They represent some of the nation’s largest energy companies and they’re headquartered in Independence, Ohio, bringing energy to the surrounding areas. As a startup company, Midwest Energy Services is shaking things up by relying on their team’s talents and skills, not seniority or years of experience.

Cross-Training and Development

One thing that sets Midwest Energy Services apart is their emphasis on cross-training and development. They believe that the best way to grow is to be well-rounded and skilled in all aspects of a company, not just one aspect of it. They have created a structure that allows them to keep everything internal, from training to promotions. The company’s training program focuses on the development of communication skills first. It is essential to have excellent communication skills to be successful in a consulting position, and Midwest Energy Services recognizes this. Once you’ve mastered communication, they focus on fine-tuning your leadership qualities, which are necessary when leading and coaching a team of people with different needs and management styles.

Growing the Business

Midwest Energy Services’ business is all about growth, and they are always looking for ways to expand their company. They recently acquired two new clients in the Ohio area, and they’re looking to expand their team to support this growth. With their focus on cross-training and development, Midwest Energy Services’ team is diverse and always looking to play to each other’s strengths. They have an open-door policy that allows them to exchange ideas, offer feedback, and collaborate on projects.

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Join the Team

Midwest Energy Services is looking for the next aspiring entrepreneur to join their team. They’re looking for people who are passionate about making a positive impact in the world, and they’re dedicated to providing training and support to help new team members succeed. If you’re interested in joining their team, check out their LinkedIn page for updates on open positions.

Midwest Energy Services is a startup that is making waves in the energy industry. They’re growing rapidly, and with their focus on cross-training and motivating their team, they’re well-positioned to continue to thrive. They’re bringing energy to Independence and beyond, and they’re not just a company to watch; they’re a company to join.





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