Startup Showcase: Mission Control Industries – Transforming AI Responsibly, One Step at a Time

Mission Control - Accelerating Responsible AI Transformation for Organizations at All Maturity Levels

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to transform the world, businesses are investing heavily in AI technologies to stay ahead of the competition. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and business leaders are increasingly aware of the need to practice responsible AI to mitigate AI risk, improve ROI, and comply with global AI regulations.

Mission Control Industries is a Los Angeles-based startup that offers a no-code AI governance automation and AI risk insights platform aimed at accelerating responsible AI transformation across different AI maturity levels. The company helps teams drive AI ROI, reduce AI risk and global compliance cost burden, and move responsible AI from talk to action.

Unifying AI Artifact Management, Governance Audit, and Stakeholder Education

One of the biggest challenges that organizations face when implementing responsible AI practices is gaining clarity and momentum. With Mission Control, businesses can gain access to a unified platform that offers AI artifact management, governance audit, and stakeholder education.

The platform is designed to provide teams of varying AI maturity levels with the tools they need to improve education, buy-in, and stronger responsible AI culture. For advanced teams, Mission Control offers intelligent no-code governance automation, enabling non-technical teammates to connect audits to artifacts with smart trigger logic. This feature allows for the resolution of coordination and visibility failures that drive waste, harm, and unethical AI outcomes.

Venture-Backed Public Benefit Corporation Focused on AI Safety

Mission Control is not just any AI governance platform; it is a venture-backed Public Benefit Corporation focused on AI safety. The company’s mission is to build intergenerational, civilization-level wins for humanity, technology, and capital alike. It is proud to be backed by Stage Venture Partners, OCA Ventures, Royal St. Ventures, Vibe Capital, and Protocol Labs.

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Request a Demo and Take Control Today

If you’re looking for a AI governance automation and risk insights platform that will help your business practice responsible AI, then Mission Control is the way to go. Visit the company’s website at to request information or a deployable sandbox demo and take control of your AI transformation process today.





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