Startup Showcase: Olik Industries Digitises Retail Experiences for Consumers

Transforming the Retail Industry with Innovative Digital Solutions

As consumers increasingly shift towards online shopping, retailers are looking for innovative ways to enhance their in-store experiences to entice shoppers back through their doors. Enter Olik Industries, a B2B2C SaaS platform that is revolutionizing the customer journey in retail through a suite of digital solutions.

Appointment Booking and Traffic Management

Long queues and crowded stores can be a major deterrent for many shoppers, especially during the pandemic. Olik’s appointment booking and traffic management software, however, allows consumers to avoid this frustration by scheduling a visit to the store ahead of time. Shoppers can also reserve a slot with a shopping advisor for assisted shopping or book a home appointment, providing a safe and stress-free shopping experience.

Workshop Management and Efficiency Improvement

Olik’s workshop management software streamlines the servicing and repairing process for any product, from automobiles to white goods maintenance. The platform sends proactive communications to customers at every stage of the journey, optimizes technician allocation, and offers an analytics dashboard for store managers to track efficiency improvements.


Finally, Olik enables buyback and resell for brands through their own channels, allowing retailers to participate in the growing recommerce market. Brands can resell their products to other consumers or refurbish them and return them to the market. By streamlining the buyback process, Olik helps companies reduce waste and extend the life of their products.


Olik’s mission is to digitize the retail experience for everyone. By infusing the retail sales process with technology, Olik is creating a more personalized experience for customers and increasing efficiency for retailers. The company’s mission has been well received across industries, with companies like Sangeetha Mobiles and Decathlon already using its platform to improve their customers’ experiences.

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