Startup Showcase: Oobeya – Revolutionizing Software Engineering Processes with Data-Driven Intelligence

Revolutionizing Engineering Productivity with Advanced Data Analytics.

Software engineering is a complex and constantly evolving field, and optimizing the software development and delivery processes requires careful analysis of data from various sources. That’s where Oobeya comes in – an engineering intelligence platform that helps engineering leaders to optimize software engineering processes using data. With its unique approach to identifying and tackling software development waste and bottlenecks, Oobeya is set to revolutionize the way software engineering is done.

Oobeya’s Approach: Identifying and Tackling Software Waste

In software engineering, no one can measure productivity precisely. The best approach, therefore, is to identify software development waste and bottlenecks and work on reducing them. This approach automates the process of increasing developers’ productivity. Oobeya offers a comprehensive platform to improve overall developer experience and productivity by identifying recurring anti-patterns, bad practices, and bottlenecks in software development and delivery processes through engineering metrics.

What Oobeya Engineering Intelligence Platform Offers:

Oobeya’s engineering intelligence platform offers a range of features to help engineering leaders optimize software development processes:

Oobeya’s Gitwiser:

With Git Analytics, Pull Requests Analytics, and Deployment Analytics (DORA Metrics), Oobeya’s Gitwiser module helps engineering leaders to understand how code is developed and deployed, with real-time metrics to track progress and identify areas for improvement.

Oobeya’s AgileSpace:

AgileSpace is a board analytics module that helps engineering teams to visualize and understand their work, leading to more transparent and cohesive teamwork.

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Oobeya Dashboards:

Oobeya Dashboards offer customizable, adaptable, and real-time metrics from various data sources for all stakeholders in a single page. This avoids the need for multiple dashboards and increases visibility and transparency.

Oobeya Scorecards:

Organization, team, and individual level metrics and insights scorecards provide a way to track and measure KPIs.

Oobeya Gamification:

Oobeya Gamification module uses game mechanics to encourage developers towards achieving and maintaining high performance.

Oobeya Symptoms:

Oobeya Symptoms module automatically detects recurring patterns, bad practices, and bottlenecks in software development and delivery processes by using engineering metrics.

Oobeya’s Impact on the Software Engineering Industry

Oobeya is set to change the software engineering industry by providing data-driven intelligence that can help engineering leaders optimize software development and delivery processes. By identifying and addressing bottlenecks and waste, Oobeya can finally provide a way to increase productivity and gain insights that drive best practices. The platform’s real-time metrics and comprehensive dashboards provide a holistic view of the software development process, making it easy to identify areas for improvement.


Overall, Oobeya promises to be an indispensable tool for engineering leaders looking to optimize software development and delivery processes. By providing data-driven intelligence that helps teams to identify and address issues, Oobeya is set to drive better results and make software development more efficient.




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