Startup Showcase: Revolv3 – Revolutionizing Subscription Billing

Subscription-based models have become increasingly popular in recent times due to their seamless revenue stream and recurring customer base. However, managing recurring payments can be a challenging task, especially for small businesses. This is where Revolv3 comes into the picture. Revolv3 is a California-based SaaS Subscription, and Payment Optimization Platform that aims to simplify and improve the subscription billing process.

A Revolutionary Payment Optimization Platform

Revolv3’s subscription management platform operates on a unique algorithm designed to optimize payment captures and minimize transaction fees. The platform is built to maximize cards on file settlement rates for recurring transactions while minimizing transaction attempts to eliminate additional fees.

The Simplified, Agile Solution

Traditional subscription billing systems mandate multiple transaction attempts, creating a higher incentive for declined transactions, resulting in additional transaction fees for missed payments%. Revolv3’s subscription management platform was developed to encourage approvals by minimizing the incentive for multiple transaction attempts, and the merchant is only charged for successful charge attempts, never failures. The platform increases payment captures by analyzing the data used by each bank card processor and issuer in real-time to optimize recurring and recycled attempts, resulting in up to 14% improvement in approval rates.

Revolutionary Backend and Customisable APIs

Additionally, Revolv3’s platform is built with developers in mind. Their machine Learning backend is easily configurable within the platform via their portal or APIs, allowing for customization and granularity required to manage subscription billing and support e-commerce merchants.

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Experience the Revolv3 Edge

Revolv3’s exceptional platform drives incremental profits for merchants by maximizing cards on file settlement rates for recurring transactions while minimizing transaction attempts, thus eliminating additional transaction fees. Revolutionize your subscription billing through Revolv3’s premium Subscription and Payment Optimization Platform.


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