Startup Showcase: Sikanai Industries- Revolutionizing Academic Integrity

EdTech Startup Creating Student-First Solutions

Sikanai Industries is a Covington-based edtech startup dedicated to providing student-first solutions. Founded by two like-minded individuals who met in an online forum discussing academic integrity, Sikanai aims to revolutionize the way education is imparted by incorporating technology into the equation.

Auth+: The Ghostwriting Deterrent

Academic integrity has always been a hot topic, and Sikanai is addressing this crucial issue through their patent-pending technology, Auth+. Auth+ is an AI engine designed to detect ghostwriting or contract cheating, which is a common phenomenon in higher education. While plagiarism checkers can detect plagiarism, they cannot detect ghostwriters or GPT, which is where Auth+ comes into play. Auth+ is essentially the first line of defense for instructors to keep academic integrity in check.

How Does Auth+ Work?

When a student submits their work, Auth+ takes the first read before the instructor. If a student is found to be using an alternative author, Auth+ will flag the submission. Auth+ will then follow up with the student, asking questions about the work submitted. This ensures that the instructor has all the necessary information needed to evaluate the student’s work. This process not only helps detect fraudulent practices but also helps identify students who may be struggling and need additional support.

Creating Student-First Solutions

Sikanai Industries believes in creating solutions that cater to the needs of students. With Auth+, students who are struggling can receive timely attention and support. Additionally, instructors can focus on quality instruction, assured in the knowledge that their students’ work is being assessed with authenticity.

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Auth+ is a breakthrough edtech solution that can change the landscape of academic integrity in higher education. Sikanai Industries is committed to creating more student-first solutions that benefit both the instructor and the student. As technology continues to evolve, Sikanai Industries is poised to help institutions adapt to this new reality with innovative solutions.


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