Startup Showcase: Smart Trainer – Revolutionizing Restaurant Training

A Leader of Technology in the Food and Beverage Industry

As the restaurant industry continues to face a worker shortage, businesses are struggling to provide adequate training due to a lack of team members. This is where Smart Trainer comes in, an affordable technology that bridges the gap between automation and human workers to provide an efficient way to train restaurant workers.

The Problem with Automation

As technology continues to advance, we are seeing more and more automation in the workplace. Self-checkout, robocalls, and self-ordering kiosks are replacing human workers, and even the delivery industry is being disrupted by drones and self-driving cars. However, most national brands are operated by franchisees who may not have the funds to add full automation to their stores. This is where Smart Trainer comes in.

Smart Trainer – The Hybrid Solution

Smart Trainer is a hybrid option that uses technology to help provide efficient training in the store and make the job easier. By adding Smart Trainer to the store, operators can save money by reducing the cost of team member turnover. With a turnover rate of up to 150% per year, Smart Trainer can help reduce mistakes and improve the quality of service by training new hires through repetition and guidance.

How Smart Trainer Works

Smart Trainer uses LED lights and consistent voice commands to help train new hires on menu mix, cooking techniques, and other essential tasks. By providing real-time feedback and guidance, Smart Trainer helps reduce mistakes and improve efficiency. The technology is easy to use and can be integrated into any restaurant environment.

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Smart Trainer is revolutionizing the restaurant industry by providing an affordable and effective solution to the worker shortage problem. By using technology to improve training, Smart Trainer is helping businesses save money and improve the quality of service. If you’re a restaurant owner looking for a cost-effective way to train your team, Smart Trainer is the solution you’ve been looking for.



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