Startup Showcase: STARTUP WARS – Transforming Entrepreneurship Education with Custom-Made Simulations

Entrepreneurship is more than just a skillset; it is a mindset that requires grit, determination, and creativity. But how can students acquire such a mindset? Startup Wars, a Philadelphia-based startup, provides a solution to this question with its unique e-learning platform that transforms years of entrepreneurship experience into custom-made startup simulations.

Experience Entrepreneurship in the Classroom

The Startup Wars platform allows students to apply academic lessons directly in the classroom setting. Its custom simulations create a virtual environment where students can experience entrepreneurship without financial risk. Through immersive office environments and guided processes, students will learn how to develop a business plan, create a product, bring it to market, and make critical decisions along the way to ensure the growth of their business.

Empowering Students and Educators

Startup Wars believes that the best way to learn entrepreneurship is to experience it. Thus, the platform empowers both the student and educator to take control of the learning experience. With weekly and monthly reports, students can track their progress and gain an understanding of core financial principles, such as profit, revenue, income, and more. The platform boosts student participation by providing an engaging environment where students can devise a plan to select the most favorable and profitable objectives to maximize their revenue.

Built for Educators

Startup Wars is driven by the feedback of professors across the nation. The platform aims to build more diverse simulations that help students experience entrepreneurship without the financial risk. With the Startup Wars community, educators can customize simulations that fit their curriculum, giving them the flexibility they need to teach entrepreneurship in a way that aligns with their students’ learning styles.

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Join the Startup Wars Community Startup Wars’ mission is to educate and empower future entrepreneurs to change the world by giving them the experiences they need to run a successful company. If you’re an educator looking to enhance your entrepreneurship curriculum or a student looking to experience entrepreneurship firsthand, Startup Wars is the platform for you.





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