Startup Showcase: Swagger Gaming – Taking the Hassle Out of Sports Gaming

Making Sports Gaming Accessible and Exciting for Everyone.

Are you a sports fan looking to get into sports gaming but find it too complicated and intimidating? Look no further! Swagger Gaming has got you covered.

At Swagger Gaming, we are revolutionizing the way sports fans can enjoy sports gaming. With an intuitive points system and visually engaging interface, we make sports gaming easy, fun, and fair for players of all levels, from novice to experienced.

In this startup showcase, we will explore what makes Swagger Gaming stand out and how we are taking the hassle out of sports gaming.

Introducing Swagger Gaming

Swagger Gaming is a Pittsburgh-based startup dedicated to providing sports fans with a new and exciting way to experience sports gaming. We offer player props across all major US and international sports, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, motorsports, fight sports, golf, tennis, cricket, and rugby.

What makes Swagger Gaming unique is our simple contest format and unique points-based prize structure that ensures every player has a real shot at winning. Whether you’re a casual sports fan or a die-hard enthusiast, Swagger Gaming makes it easy for you to get skin in the game without worrying about understanding odds and making smart picks.

Simplifying Sports Gaming

One of the biggest challenges facing sports fans looking to get into gaming is the complexity of the process. From understanding odds to making smart picks, the whole experience can be overwhelming, especially for new players.

Swagger Gaming has simplified the process by removing all the BS and making sports gaming easy and fun for everyone. With an intuitive points system and visually engaging interface, we make it easy for players to understand how the game is played and how they can win.

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Unique Points-Based Prize Structure

Another unique aspect of Swagger Gaming is our points-based prize structure. We award points to players based on their performance, making it easier for everyone to win. Unlike other sports gaming platforms where top players take home all the cash prizes, Swagger Gaming distributes prizes more evenly, ensuring that all players have a real shot at winning.


Swagger Gaming is revolutionizing the way sports fans can experience gaming. With a simple contest format, unique points-based prize structure, and an intuitive interface, we make sports gaming easy, fun, and fair for everyone. Visit our website today at and try our free-to-play game at Get skin in the game and #PlayWithSwagger.


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