Startup Showcase: Tennisist – The Ultimate App for Tennis Fans

Tennisist App is a startup that aims to revolutionize the world of tennis by creating a single ecosystem for all tennis enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for an opponent, a coach, a nearby court, or a tennis club, Tennisist App has got you covered. The app is set to launch its beta version in early January 2023, and the team is already gearing up for its US launch in September-October 2023.

Global Ranking System: Finding the Perfect Opponent

One of the most significant challenges for tennis players is finding an opponent with similar skills and playing style. Tennisist App solves this problem with its global ranking system. Every player can find a relevant opponent based on their skill level and playing style, thanks to the ranking system built into the app.

Verified Coaches: Say Goodbye to Unqualified Coaches

Another significant problem in the tennis world is the prevalence of unqualified coaches who teach their students incorrectly. Tennisist App solves this problem by verifying coaches through KYC and providing verified coaches with a blue check mark. Coaches themselves can create and fill out their own schedules, and clients can leave ratings and feedback after each practice session.

Integrated Tennis Courts: A Seamless Booking Experience

Tennisist App has partnered with to offer 55 integrated tennis courts where players can book a court and pay for it immediately through the app. The app brings in new clients and facilitates schedule bookings for the tennis courts, making it a seamless experience for players.

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Tennis Clubs: Signing Up New Members Made Easy

Tennisist App provides tennis clubs with an opportunity to sign up new members. The app makes it easy for tennis enthusiasts to find and join a tennis club that meets their requirements. The clubs can benefit from the increased visibility provided by the app, making it easier to attract new members.

Monetization Strategy: Paid Subscriptions, Advertising, and E-Commerce

Tennisist App offers a basic version of the app for free, but there is a paid subscription for players who want to access additional features. The app also offers a boost that places tennis courts and coaches at the top of the search list for a fee. Additionally, there are advertising spots within the app that businesses can utilize to reach out to tennis enthusiasts. From January 1, 2023, the app will have its own tennis e-commerce platform and branded merchandise. The startup plans to launch its own international Tennisist league at the end of 2022, allowing the app to hold tournaments around the world with according leaderboards and various broadcasts.

Tennisist App is a promising startup that aims to make the world of tennis more accessible and convenient for players, coaches, and tennis clubs alike. With its global ranking system, verified coaches, integrated tennis courts, and e-commerce platform, Tennisist App is set to become the go-to app for all tennis enthusiasts.



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