Startup Showcase: Tergeo Technologies is Revolutionizing Sanitation with Robots

Transforming the Way We Think About Sanitation with Innovative Robotics Technology

Sanitation has become a more pressing issue than ever before, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Given that the everyday cleaning of streets and sidewalks usually falls on human workers, this has necessitated a need for safer alternatives. Enter Tergeo Technologies, a startup that is changing the game by finding innovative ways to mechanize sanitation work.

Tergeo Technologies: Transforming Sanitation with Robotics

Tergeo Technologies, founded by a team of engineering graduates from the University of Pennsylvania, aims to redefine the way we think about sanitation. Their goal is to use robotics and automation to completely transform the industry. As a result, they have set out to design robots that promise to revolutionize the way we clean our sidewalks and streets.

Introducing the Modular System

Tergeo Technologies is working on a modular system that will allow robots to be configured to perform various sanitation tasks. For example, they’re developing a robot that will be able to navigate sidewalks, picking up litter with a power sweeper. This robot’s design emphasizes both safety and efficiency, thanks to its sensors which it uses to navigate without any accidents. In addition, each robot is controlled by custom autonomy software tailored to the specific task, ensuring a high degree of precision in cleaner implementation.

Several Potential Applications

The innovative design approach employed by Tergeo Technologies means that their robots can also be used for other tasks. By swapping out the power sweeper for a lawnmower, the robot can now be used for large scale lawn maintenance. Add a painting attachment, and the robot can be programmed to paint lines on sports fields and take care of landscaping needs. By adding a snowplow on the front and a salt spreader on the back, the robot is now able to assist in sidewalk snow removal and ice treatment.

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Social Impact

Tergeo Technologies is not just motivated by commercial success – they also want to make a significant social impact. Their work on this project stems from a desire to create a cleaner and safer environment for communities. The Tergeo Technologies team understands that litter has an enormous impact on society. Litter creates needless environmental pollution and negatively affects the mental health of residents. Additionally, it suppresses property values, decreases traffic in commercial areas, and results in blighted neighborhoods.


Tergeo Technologies is a promising startup that plans to change the way we clean our streets and sidewalks. Automation is the way of the future, and Tergeo Technologies is leading the way by introducing a technology that efficiently solves sanitation problems. By developing a modular system, they have created new opportunities that will not only benefit the environment but also have significant commercial impact. We believe that this startup has a bright future and it will be interesting to see what they will come up with next.



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