Startup Showcase: The Garden’s Executive Club – Empowering Women Executives to Thrive

The Garden’s Executive Club is a Private Women’s Club that caters to C-Suite level executives and CEO’s. Founded by Ebony Ormond-Ham, the club aims to provide a supportive and empowering environment for women executives who often struggle with loneliness at the top. Located in Stone Mountain, Georgia, the club is a 2-story, 6,000-square-foot, 2-acre tribute to female executives.

Private Executive Coaching and Mental Health Support

One of the main features of The Garden’s Executive Club is its focus on providing private executive coaching and mental health support to its members. Leading a team can be challenging, and it’s easy to feel isolated and overwhelmed. The club aims to provide a supportive community where women can share their challenges and successes and receive guidance and mentorship.

Access to Angel Investors, Private Lenders, and Grant Research

The Garden’s Executive Club also provides access to angel investors, private lenders, and grant research. Women executives often struggle to find funding for their entrepreneurial endeavors, and the club aims to provide support in this area. With access to a network of investors and lenders, members of the club can take their businesses to the next level.

Professional Development and Networking Events

In addition to private coaching and funding support, The Garden’s Executive Club also provides professional development and networking opportunities. Members have access to a clubhouse, a speaker series, a book club, and a range of workshops and training sessions. These events provide an opportunity for members to connect with like-minded women and learn new skills to further their careers.

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Changing the Narrative for Women Executives

The Garden’s Executive Club aims to change the narrative for women executives by providing a supportive and empowering community that helps them thrive. While men have long had access to clubs and networks that cater to them, women have historically had fewer options. The club is changing this by offering mentorship opportunities, career coaching sessions, and networking events to women executives in various industries.

With its focus on empowering women executives, The Garden’s Executive Club is a unique and inspiring startup that is making a difference in the lives of women in the C-Suite. As Ebony Ormond-Ham says, “The worst place to find yourself is climbing a ladder with nowhere to go and no one to catch you, should you fall.” The Garden’s Executive Club is catching women executives and helping them reach new heights.




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