Startup Showcase: Whillet – The Embedded Finance Solution for Your Business

Whillet is a new generation fintech solution that provides embedded finance services to businesses of all sizes. As a BaaS provider, Whillet handles all licensing requirements, relieving the client of that responsibility. This fintech solution enables businesses to open digital wallets for their users and manage them using API integration, across websites, apps, marketplaces, and other platforms set up for client users. With Whillet, businesses can significantly increase revenue and improve unit economy indicators.

Streamlined Multilevel Processing Solutions for Loyalty Programs

Whillet’s embedded finance technology provides multilevel processing solutions for loyalty programs. Partners get easy management of customized loyalty programs, rewarding regular users with bonuses and real money that they can spend on further purchases. This enables businesses to build stronger customer relationships and encourage customer loyalty.

Multi-Billing Facilities for Automated Payments

Whillet’s multi-billing facilities enable payments to be distributed among all participants in the sales process, including customers, suppliers, stores, couriers, and more. This automated system saves businesses time, enabling them to focus on more important strategic tasks.

Branded, Customizable Wallets for Your Business

Whillet provides businesses with a branded, customizable wallet that can include any methods of depositing and withdrawing money that the customer chooses. Debit and credit cards, mobile payments, e-money, transfer money providers, and more are all provided as an integrated link in the customer’s account. This enables businesses to provide a seamless payment experience for their customers and increase customer satisfaction.

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B2B and B2C Focus with a Wide Range of Industry Applications

Whillet’s prime focus is on the B2B and B2C markets, and the company works with marketplaces, sharing platforms, retail chains of various sizes, car dealerships, insurance and travel companies, postal service providers, contractor-user and production-delivery-customer models, car parkings, fines payments, license acquisitions, online stores, freelance exchanges, taxi companies, and gas stations. The list of possible uses goes on and on, making Whillet a versatile and valuable solution for businesses in a wide range of industries.

Professional Team with Global Experience

Whillet, based in Palo Alto, California, has a highly professional team with experience serving more than 2000 partners worldwide. That’s over 30 million open wallets and more than 10 million transactions carried out each and every day. Whillet’s team is committed to providing businesses with a cutting-edge fintech solution that simplifies the payment process and improves the overall customer experience.


Whillet is a powerful embedded finance solution for businesses of all sizes. With its multilevel processing solutions for loyalty programs, multi-billing facilities for automated payments, branded customizable wallets, and wide range of industry applications, Whillet can help businesses streamline their payment process and increase revenue. With a highly professional team with global experience, Whillet is a valuable partner for any business looking to improve their payment process and customer experience.





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