Startup Showcase: Zerras Industries – Long-term Data Preservation with Optical Technology

Zerras is revolutionizing data preservation with advanced optical technology

As the world becomes increasingly dependent on digital technology, it’s more important than ever to preserve data for the long-term. Companies across the globe are searching for innovative solutions to ensure their digital assets are protected and accessible for years to come. Enter Zerras Industries, an industry leader in optical data storage and preservation.

At Zerras, the company’s mission is to help organizations defend their data for the long-term. Whether digital assets live in the workplace, at the edge, or in the cloud, long-term data preservation is vital to economic development and the progression of human history. Zerras believes it’s time to rethink how data is stored, and the company is charging ahead with innovative solutions based on photonic technology for enterprises and industry partners that need to protect high-value data.

Optical Data Storage: The Solution for Long-term Preservation

Zerras is revolutionizing data preservation with advanced optical technology. Using this technology, the company designs and manufactures a range of innovative products and solutions that are used for offline storage and on-demand access of any-scale content repositories and libraries. Its products safeguard permanent data collections and digital property with the highest level of storage medium durability, longevity, and energy conservation.

One of the key benefits of optical data storage is its ability to offer permanent data storage – unlike traditional storage solutions like hard drives or flash drives, which may only last a few years before the data becomes corrupted or inaccessible. Zerras’s optical storage solution protects against data loss due to environmental factors, such as temperature or humidity fluctuations, helping enterprises keep their data safe for decades, if not centuries.

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Innovative Products for Archival Storage

Zerras offers a range of products that cater to enterprises and organizations of all sizes. Its offline optical storage library, the Zerras OSL, is an ideal solution for organizations with large-scale data storage and archiving requirements. The OSL can hold up to 10 petabytes of data and boasts the highest data density per optical storage medium on the market.

In addition to its offline storage solutions, Zerras offers a range of other products designed to help organizations protect their data. Its optical disc writer, the Zerras ODW, allows companies to create their own optical discs for archiving data. The company also offers a range of software solutions, including optical disc emulation software and backup software, that help organizations manage their data more effectively.


With its long-term data preservation solutions and advanced optical technology, Zerras is at the forefront of the digital preservation industry. The company is based in Silicon Valley and has over 20 years of experience in optical storage and large enterprise IT systems. Enterprises and organizations of all sizes can benefit from Zerras’s innovative products and solutions, which offer the highest level of storage medium durability, longevity, and energy conservation. In support of the advancement of knowledge, authenticity, and existence, Zerras is redefining the future of archival storage.


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