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Strider – The Online Hiring Platform for Pre-Vetted Engineering Talent

Find Top Engineering Talent in Latin America without the Hassle

As tech innovation continues to grow at an incredible rate, finding and recruiting skilled engineering talent has become increasingly challenging. The difficulty lies not only in locating these professionals but also in assessing their suitability for the job. Strider, the online hiring platform, aims to solve this problem by providing a pre-vetted pool of engineering talent to companies.

In this Startup Showcase, we dive into the details of Strider, exploring its unique features and why it has become the go-to hiring platform for companies seeking engineering talent in Latin America.

The Strider Vetting Process

Strider’s competitive advantage lies in its rigorous vetting process. All engineers who apply to the platform go through an extensive evaluation process that tests their technical and soft skills, as well as their English proficiency. The pre-vetting ensures that only the top engineering talent is added to the platform, making it easier for companies seeking to build a remote engineering team to find the right candidates.

This pre-vetting process saves companies time and resources that would otherwise be committed to sourcing and screening candidates. The Strider team takes care of the initial screening so that companies can focus on interviewing only the most qualified candidates.

Remote Talent with an American Time Zone

The Strider platform focuses on remote engineering talent from Latin America with a particular focus on engineers in time zones which align with the U.S. Companies looking to retain their engineering team in the same time zone as their company in the U.S. can rely on Strider to provide vantage access to the large pool of top engineering talent in Latin America.

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In Latin America, Strider is currently working with over 1.3+ million skilled engineers, providing ample opportunities for companies seeking to build a reliable engineering team remotely to find the right professionals to add to their team.

A Cost-Effective Hiring Solution

Hiring via traditional channels can be costly, not only in terms of finances but also in terms of time, given the extensive list of tasks that need to be completed. Strider offers a cost-effective solution to companies looking to build an engineering team remotely.

Since the vetting process is handled by Strider’s team of experts, the cost of the process is minimal compared to traditional hiring methods. Companies only pay for the engineering talent they hire, and Strider takes care of the rest, saving both time and money.

In Conclusion

Strider is an innovative online platform that is bridging the gap between companies seeking talented engineering teams and pre-vetted engineering professionals. By providing companies of all sizes with access to top talent in Latin America, Strider is helping to create a more seamless and efficient remote work landscape.





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