Top Austin Enterprise Startups Revolutionizing US Business Landscape in 2023

Austin, Texas, a hub for innovators and entrepreneurs, is home to a number of ambitious enterprise startups pioneering new technology in their respective industries. The city has long been known for its vibrant tech scene, which is fueled in part by a community of skilled professionals, flagship events like SXSW, and supportive government initiatives that have lured entrepreneurs and investors alike. In this feature, we zoom in on some of the most interesting enterprise startups that have emerged from Austin, offering an in-depth look at their products, services, and the brilliant minds behind them.

From cloud monitoring platforms to artificial intelligence consultancies, these companies are developing and deploying cutting-edge solutions with the potential to transform the way businesses operate while solving critical challenges in various sectors. They are a testament to Austin’s thriving tech ecosystem and a key factor in its reputation as a hotspot for innovative startups and leading tech corporations.

Get to know these enterprising startups, their founders, and the remarkable work they’re doing in the enterprise software space. Learn how they’re employing technology, including AI, IoT, and cloud computing to redefine and shape several industries, from finance and cybersecurity to human resources and e-commerce.


RiskScout is taking on financial risks head-on with their innovative software which provides vital cloud banking and infrastructure services to financial institutions. Co-founded by Joshua Keys and Justin Fischer, RiskScout operates in the realms of Cloud Management, Enterprise Software, Financial Services, Infrastructure, and Software. Their tools aim to streamline banking operations and mitigate risks in a fast-evolving financial landscape.

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Universal Intelligence

Universal Intelligence is an artificial intelligence strategy consultancy that also specializes in spatial computing and enterprise software development. While the founders chose to remain anonymous, the company is carving out its niche within the sectors of Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software, and Product Management.

Advanced Cloud Monitor

Founded by Wes Houck, Advanced Cloud Monitor enables professionals to effectively monitor their cloud infrastructure, lower risk, ensure compliance, and ultimately, save money. This startup operates in the spheres of Cloud Computing, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Management, Cloud Security, and Enterprise Software.

Accurate4cast, Inc.

Founded by Rick Ow, Akucast has built a revenue operations application that runs seamlessly on the Salesforce CRM platform. The startup specializes in B2B, CRM, Enterprise Software, Predictive Analytics, SaaS, Sales, and Software, offering services that bolster business revenue operations.

Spark Consulting

Spark Consulting, the brainchild of Lin Shearer, is a consulting firm for tech companies. Working in the Consulting, E-Commerce Platforms, Enterprise Software, and Marketing sectors, Spark Consulting offers critical guidance and advice to emerging and established tech businesses.


Jacob Bernstein founded MeetingAtlas to facilitate effective and actionable remote meetings. Operating in the B2B, Enterprise Software, Meeting Software, SaaS, and Software sectors, MeetingAtlas is contributing significantly to enhancing the productivity and effectiveness of remote team collaborations.


WillHire, founded by Praneeth Patlola, operates in the Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software, Human Resources, Procurement, Recruiting, and SaaS spheres. Their AI-based Talent CRM serves enterprises by helping them attract, curate and engage top contract workforce, aiming to reduce spend and save hiring time.

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StoreyLine, founded by Minette Yu, is on a mission to spread happiness through mission-driven gifts. Using E-Commerce, Enterprise Software, Human Resources, and Software to achieve its goals, StoreyLine is revolutionizing the gifting culture within organizations.

Skan Technologies

Founded by Joshua Lintz and Vincil Bishop, Skan Technologies offers an engineering analytics application that enhances productivity by tracking engineer behavior and output. The company operates in the Enterprise Software, Human Resources, Information Technology, Internet, IT Management, Predictive Analytics, Productivity Tools, and Software sectors.


Co-founded by Fernando Ruiz and Mario Soave, CleverFi operates on the principle of making WiFi access hassle-free and more secure for travelers. The platform specializes in Consumer Software, Enterprise Software, Intellectual Property, and Internet of Things.


Copy5, founded by Greg Davis and Sudhir Madyastha, provides a secure platform for collaborations, sharing, and optimizing cross-team workflows. They specialize in Collaboration, Enterprise Software, and Software.

Stratascale, an SHI Company

Stratascale, an SHI Company, delivers “Digital Agility” to transform businesses. The company, although opted to keep the founders’ names anonymous, stands out in the Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, and Enterprise Software industries. Check them out at


Specializing in open-source intelligence cybersecurity, 443ID is a firm that offers real-time identification, access, and risk management. The startup, co-founded by Mark Batchelor and Stephen Shoaff, operates in the Cyber Security, Developer APIs, Enterprise Software, Fraud Detection, Identity Management, Information Technology, and Security sectors. Visit their page at 443ID.


Co-founded by Andrew Burleson, Brendon Cassidy, and Pete Ryan, CoSell operates in the Enterprise Software, SaaS, and Software sectors. They aim to help B2B teams cut through the noise with relationship-led growth.

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Founded by Alex Senn and Kyle Villeneuve, SKUSavvy is a software company that offers modern mobile order fulfillment, visual warehousing, and inventory management systems. SKUSavvy operates in the Enterprise Software, SaaS, Software, and Warehousing sectors and it’s poised to reshape the future of inventory management.

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