Top Influential LA Legal Startups: Revolutionizing California’s Justice System

Los Angeles, the city famous for Hollywood, is also home to many budding legal tech startups that are reshaping the way we approach legal matters. From private finance companies managing legal claims to firms offering AI-based software for lawyers, the legal tech landscape in LA is as diverse as it is innovative. Here are 15 interesting Legal Startups from Los Angeles, California, that are making waves in the market. These firms showcase a great mix of creativity, tech-enthusiasm, and an entrepreneurial mindset- proving that the LA startup scene is more than just entertainment.

Atticus Financial

Atticus Financial was founded by Edward O Lear and operates as a private finance company managing a diversified portfolio of legal claims, involving the Finance, Financial Services, and Legal Industries. Their operations are intricate, demonstrating a deep understanding of the legal financial landscape.

IG Insight

The next startup on the list is IG Insight. Operating in the Consulting, Legal, Legal Tech, and Software industries, this startup simplifies the complexities of the TeamConnect system on an easy-to-use and secure platform.


Founded by Erfan Dehghanfar, Intaker provides a digital front desk for law firms. This service helps streamline client interactions and offers a more efficient approach to client management.


Esquire’d stands out in the B2B, Legal, Legal Tech, Marketplace, and Software industries with their software and marketplace for lawyers. Founders Matthew Barhoma and Tom Tancredi are modernizing how lawyers operate and move in their sphere.

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Under Mark (Insup) Lee’s leadership, MarqVision offers a comprehensive IP operating system for creating, managing, and protecting IPs. Their innovative solutions take their place within the B2B, Intellectual Property, and Legal Tech industries.

People Clerk

Founded by Camila Lopez and Gustavo Lozano, People Clerk helps people navigate disputes in small claims courts without the necessity of a lawyer. Their platforms have a consumer-friendly interface that makes the legal process more understandable.


HyperDraft, founded by Jace Lynch and Tony Thai, brings an AI-based software for lawyers to generate, analyze, and edit legal documents. Their solutions inhabit the Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software, Legal, Legal Tech, SaaS, Software space.

ProSe Claims

Operating in the Information Services, Legal, Legal Tech industries, ProSe Claims offer legal solutions through a directory of virtual legal services that helps consumers settle claims efficiently.


TittmannWeix is a full-service insurance law firm advising insurers on a wide range of claims. Their deep-rooted knowledge in insurance-related legal matters sets them apart in the Advice, Consulting, and Legal sectors.

Civil + Human Rights and Equity Department

The Civil + Human Rights and Equity Department makes its mark in the Law Enforcement, Legal, Non-Profit industries by reinforcing anti-discrimination laws and advocating for equity.


Uproot ingeniously bridges the gap between social issues and legislative reform in the Legal, Non-Profit, Politics, Social Impact industries.

Trademark Funnel

Specially for the Legal Industry, Trademark Funnel provides services for registering business trademarks, including logos, symbols, or any signage.

SMB Legal

In the Legal Tech, SaaS, Software space, SMB Legal provides innovative solutions and services with a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

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Founded by Araz Mamet, Ilya Flaks, and Keith Fraser, e-gree makes creating legal agreements easy, accessible, and safe in the Legal, Legal Tech industries.

Rōshi Group

Edward Dean, Jascha Wanger, and Kevin Calloway’s venture, Rōshi Group, provides innovative and intelligent solutions for cyber risk in the Information Technology, Legal Tech, Software sectors.

This list is a testament to the dynamic startup scene in Los Angeles – proving that LA is not only the hub of the entertainment industry but also a nest for innovative, exciting startups disrupting the legal field. With these startups on the rise, it is only a matter of time until we see these names becoming global brands offering comprehensive, user-friendly legal solutions.

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