Top Influential Sales Startups Revolutionizing Austin’s Business Landscape in 2023

Austin, Texas, is not solely known for its food or music scene anymore, but also for its rapidly growing startups industry. The ecosystem here has shifted, and Austin has become an attractive destination for tech and non-tech startups alike. These new businesses are proving that innovation can come from anywhere, not just the usual coastal tech hubs. Highlighted below are interesting sales startups founded in Austin that are carving a path for themselves in their respective industries.

Austin’s startup scene is diverse, from those in the food and beverage industry to health, sales, software, and more. The community is supportive, with pre-eminent tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon having large offices in the city. Local accelerators, Austin Technology Incubator and Capital Factory, provide mentorship and resources leading to an ideal environment for a startup to thrive.

So what exactly are these Austin startups bringing to the table? The selection below provides just a snapshot of the innovative companies redefining sales and services in their industries.


Future/Proof develops beverage brands that appeal to millennial customers. It is a startup positioned within the Brand Marketing, Craft Beer, Food and Beverage, Personal Branding, and Sales industry. Founded by Aimy Steadman, Brad Schultz, and Justin Fenchel, the company aims to secure the future of beverages by proofing them against changing drinking habits and consumers’ tastes.”

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Choq is a supplements manufacturing company that offers hormone health, stress support, thyroid health, testosterone, and many other medicinal herbal products. Positioned in the Consumer Goods, Dietary Supplements, Health Care, Manufacturing, Medical, Retail, and Sales industries, Choq leverages the power of nature to enhance the quality of human lives.

Seven Nutrition

Seven Nutrition facilitates e-commerce for health supplements. They fall in the E-commerce, Health Care, and Sales industries. Their product line offers numerous health supplements catering to individuals’ unique dietary needs.


NTeli provides revenue optimization for companies under the Billing, Finance, Information Technology, and Sales industries.

Blue Chip Official

Blue Chip Official, founded by Nolan Welch, is a privately owned outsourced marketing/sales firm specializing in new account acquisition and brand management. It positions itself within the Consulting, Marketing, Retail, and Sales industries.


Shopoo assists drop-shippers worldwide in discovering and drop-shipping US/EU based products. They have made a mark in the Sales Automation industry.

Uhuru Network Texas

Uhuru Network Texas, founded by Peter Lang and Vanessa Rodriguez Lang, offers lead generation, sales, and digital marketing services. Their key industries include Digital Marketing, Marketing, and Sales.

Fairground Real Estate

Fairground Real Estate is a real estate agent startup operating in the Property Management, Real Estate, and Sales sectors.

Accurate4cast, Inc.

Akucast, founded by Rick Ow, is a revenue operations application running on the Salesforce CRM platform. They are part of the B2B, CRM, Enterprise Software, Predictive Analytics, SaaS, Sales, and Software industries.


FloorFound, founded by Chris Richter and Ryan Matthews, is a developer of an e-commerce software platform that facilitates returns and resales of oversized products for retailers. They operate in the E-Commerce, Furniture, Sales Automation, Software, and Supply Chain Management industries.

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PricingScan is a software company that provides SaaS solutions for cost control in online shopping platforms, operating in the SaaS, Sales, and Software industries.


Landslo, founded by Arvind Mohan, Jason Gamblen, and John Carbrey, uses artificial intelligence to turn prospects and leads into sales-ready opportunities. They operate in the Artificial Intelligence, Real Estate, SaaS, Sales, and Software industries.


MedScout, founded by Casey Shattuck and Skylar Talley, is a revenue acceleration platform focused on enabling the sales teams at life science companies. Their key industries include Health Care, Medical, Sales, and Software.

L.A.K.E. Enterprises

L.A.K.E. Enterprises, founded by Evan Lalka, is a marketing and sales company operating in the Brand Marketing, Consulting, Customer Service, Direct Marketing, Retail, and Sales industries.

Luna & Solis

Luna & Solis is a Sales & Consulting firm located in Austin, Texas, operating in the Consulting, Sales, and Telecommunications industries.

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