Top Influential Wellness Startups Revolutionizing Health in New York City

The wellness industry represents a dynamic and growing market within the United States, and nowhere is this more apparent than in New York, New York, where innovation and ambition breed fresh and inspiring startups focused on promoting health and wellbeing. From dental health to alcohol addiction treatment, these startups deliver high-quality products and services that address a range of wellness needs. Their impact processes both tangible and intangible aspects of well-being, creating solutions for mental health, skincare, fitness, and more. This article aims to shine a spotlight on these unique New York-based wellness startups.

Wally Health

Wally Health is a dental startup founded by Chelsea Acosta Patel, Stipe Latkovic, and Tyler Burnett that’s changing the face of dental care. The company provides membership-based dental cleanings and preventative care for all. Their mission is to place oral health back in the hands of the customer by making cleanings convenient and accessible for everyone.


With founders Amit Klein, Justin Geller, and Mike Russell at its helm, Monument is a platform dedicated to those seeking healthier relationships with alcohol. This startup bridges the gap between healthcare professionals and individuals who need their services by offering effective alcohol-addiction treatment through an accessible virtual network.


Located at the intersection of beauty and wellness is Glowbar. With founders Neha Govindraj and Rachel Liverman at the helm, this company offers convenient 30-minute skin-care treatments to clients, making skin health accessible and enjoyable for consumers.

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Talkiatry, founded by Georgia Gaveras and Robert Krayn, is a national telemedicine startup, providing in-network psychiatry and therapy. The company uses technology to make mental health care easily accessible, affordable, and stigma-free.

Resilience Lab

Resilience Lab, co-founded by Christine Carville and Marc Goldberg, is modernizing mental healthcare for the better. Available via their website, this group of clinicians is working hard to deliver high-quality, personalized, easily accessible mental health care to communities.


Peachy, with founders Carolyn Treasure and Eric Zhang, operates botox studios that offer wrinkle treatments, prescription retinoids, and sunscreen products through a unique, innovative, and safe model.


Co-founded by Connor Stauffer and John Gardner, Kickoff is a remote wellness coaching platform that uses unique technology to help fitness coaches drive better results for their clients.

Perry Health

Perry Health, led by founders Anshu Vaish, Pan Chaudhury, and Petar Petrov, is on a mission to rethink chronic care delivery. The team aims to provide purely remote, ongoing care to those in need, making healthcare manageable and achievable for all.

dntl bar

Revolutionizing oral care, dntl bar, co-founded by Nedal Shami, ensures that the patient is at the core of their services. Their unique model provides a comfortable environment for effective dental treatment, making a trip to the dentist a more enjoyable experience.

Elektra Health

Elektra Health, co-founded by Alessandra Henderson and Jannine Versi, is a healthcare platform striving to combat the stigma surrounding menopause. They focus on women’s health, providing the necessary education, products, tools, and support women need during their menopause journey.

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Nextiles, led by founders Eugene Wang, George Sun, and Xavier Vargas, provides fitness enthusiasts with technology that enhances their performance. Their system helps users exercise better, more safely, and efficiently.

The Lanby

The Lanby, co-founded by Chloe Harrouche and Tandice Ossareh Urban, is redefining healthcare membership. Offering early access to their membership to users, they are committed to promoting a healthier lifestyle to their clients.


Jason H. Karp, the man behind HumanCo, aims to promote healthier living. His company is dedicated to investing in companies that align with their mission — companies that place health and wellness at the forefront of their operation.

Highline Wellness

Highline Wellness, founded by Chris D’Alberti, is an online store specializing in cannabidiol oils, gummies, topicals, and kits. They provide customers with natural and effective wellness solutions, enhancing their daily routine.


With founder Ariela Safira at the helm, Real is a digital platform and in-person experience for mental health patients. They aim to make mental healthcare accessible and manageable for everyone, normalizing the discussion surrounding mental health along the process.

Each of these wellness startups is making waves in their respective industries, striving to improve the health and well-being of their clients while fostering a culture of wellness in New York City and beyond. Their passion and dedication to their mission are evident in their innovative services and products, demonstrating that the spirit of entrepreneurship is thriving in the heart of New York.

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