Top LA Finance Startups Reshaping the Industry Landscape in 2023

Los Angeles has always been a hub of innovation in various fields including financial technology. The city situates some of the most interesting finance startups striving to bring about a change in the way businesses are conducted, funds are managed, and creators are supported. Here we present an impressive lineup of finance startups from the City of the Angels, drawing the limelight to these financial innovators of the industry and their contributions.

These startups come with varied intriguing business models from providing financial solutions for content creators, developing business credit cards for influencers, managing various funds and investments to pioneering in the digital cryptocurrency market. What makes each of them unique is their distinct approach towards creating a more gratifying financial ecosystem.

Get to know more about these startups and their founders, who are at the helm of driving financial technology and services to new heights.


Founded by Aaron DeBovoise, Spotter offers a financial solution specifically designed for independent content creators across digital platforms. The startup operates in the sphere of digital media, finance, and fintech, ensuring that digital creators have the right financial services and support that suits their unique requirements.

Karat Financial

Karat Financial is a brainchild of Eric Wei and Will Kim. Their key offering is business credit cards tailored to fulfill the needs of digital creators and influencers. Karat Financial fosters a blend of technology and finance to come up with the perfect financial solutions for content creators.

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Walkabout Ventures

Specializing in the finance, fintech, and venture capital sectors, Walkabout Ventures is an investment fund focused on venture funds investing in financial service startups. The firm’s vast investment network allows it to support the growth of various fintech startups and their innovative ideas.

Atticus Financial

Led by founder Edward O’ Lear, Atticus Financial operates a private finance company that manages an array of legal claims. Their diversified portfolio of legal claims provides more stability and reliability for their clients across various industries.

Avantis Investors

Co-founded by Eduardo Repetto and Patrick Keating, Avantis Investors is a distinctive investment management firm. They are dedicated to delivering competitive investment results and building long-term client relationships by offering fresh perspectives on investment strategies.

Guzzo & Co

Guzzo & Co is a family-owned investment firm that focuses on meaningful ventures that can bring about improvements to society and help communities. The firm strives to hit the perfect balance between prosperity and purpose.

O’Neil Global Advisors

Guided by Steven Birch, O’Neil Global Advisors delivers top-notch investment management solutions. The firm is known for its quantitative and standardized equity trading techniques that cater to various financial needs. offers valuable financial insights, industry benchmarks, and performance comparisons to its clientele. The company’s approach towards data visualization and financial analysis equip businesses with critical decision-making tools.

Skyline Investors LLC

Skyline Investors LLC is a private investment firm that invests private debt, equity, and special situation capital for various companies, catering to their diverse financial needs.

Browning West

Browning West is an independent investment company that uses its extensive financial prowess to serve its clients in the realm of finance and financial services.

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Ascendant is an integrated real estate investment and operating platform that specializes in hospitality and lodging properties. Apart from finance, they have deeply entrenched themselves in the hospitality sector as well.

K² Trades

K² Trades provides a proprietary trading system through a subscription service that offers training, teaching, and webinars for a profitable trade, catering to the unique needs of the trading community.

Impact Investing Group at USC

Impact Investing Group at USC is a venture capital and private equity firm that offers consulting, research and investing services striving to make a significant social and environmental impact.

Swan Bitcoin

Swan Bitcoin was co-founded by Cory Klippsten and Yan Pritzker. The financial startup provides a user-friendly platform to buy Bitcoin with your bank account using their automated savings plans. SwanBitcoin is ensuring that the digital currency market is accessible to all.


MOORvision, co-founded by Ali-Han Ibragimov and Rashan Allen, is a Los Angeles-based entertainment technology development company. They are crossing boundaries by integrating finance with crowdfunding, media, and software. Learn more about them here:

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