Transforming the Service Industry – Exploring Innovative Startups in San Francisco


San Francisco’s startup scene is not only synonymous with tech and software companies but also boasts a vibrant ecosystem of service industry startups. These innovative ventures are reshaping the way businesses and consumers interact, delivering exceptional experiences, and driving operational efficiency. In this article, we will explore 15 exciting service industry startups in San Francisco that are making waves in their respective sectors.

Higg Co – Integrated Software Platform

Higg Co is revolutionizing the service industry with its integrated software platform. This comprehensive solution caters to businesses in the consumer goods sector, leveraging information technology and software to streamline operations. From supply chain management to data analytics and sustainability tracking, Higg Co empowers organizations to optimize their processes, reduce costs, and make data-driven decisions.

Kift – Pioneering Affordable and Flexible Housing

Kift is a community-driven startup that is reimagining affordable and flexible housing models. By leveraging innovative concepts and technology, Kift aims to address the housing crisis in San Francisco. Their community-centric approach fosters collaboration and supports residents in accessing affordable housing options that adapt to their evolving needs, promoting inclusivity and sustainability.

ResumePuppy – AI-powered Resume Building

ResumePuppy is revolutionizing the job market with its software that simplifies and enhances the resume-building process. Leveraging cutting-edge tools and AI features, job seekers can create tailored resumes that highlight their skills and experiences. With ResumePuppy, individuals gain a competitive edge, improving their chances of landing their dream job in the service industry.

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Fijo Technologies – Next-Generation True Rideshare and Local Delivery App

Fijo Technologies is disrupting the transportation sector with its True Rideshare and Local Delivery App. This emerging technology startup offers a platform that connects riders and drivers, optimizing efficiency and improving the overall transportation experience. By leveraging technology and innovative business models, Fijo Technologies aims to transform the way people commute and receive local deliveries. – Fully Managed Software as a Service and Support is a service industry startup that provides fully managed Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions and support. Their comprehensive suite of services caters to businesses of all sizes, offering customized software solutions and seamless support throughout the implementation process. empowers companies to focus on their core competencies while leaving the software management to the experts.

Cloud Pro AI – End-to-End Cloud Management Services

Cloud Pro AI specializes in end-to-end cloud management services. As businesses increasingly rely on cloud technology, Cloud Pro AI offers comprehensive solutions that encompass strategy, implementation, and ongoing management. By leveraging artificial intelligence and industry expertise, Cloud Pro AI ensures businesses can maximize the benefits of cloud technology while maintaining security and efficiency.

Vartana – Flexible Financing Options for Enterprises

Vartana is a payments platform designed to boost enterprises’ purchasing power through flexible financing options. By partnering with Vartana, businesses in the service industry can access capital and manage cash flow effectively. With tailored financing solutions and transparent terms, Vartana empowers organizations to invest in growth opportunities and navigate financial challenges.

HOKALI – Marketplace for Sports Enthusiasts and Coaching Academies

HOKALI is a marketplace that helps individual sports enthusiasts find and book lessons from local coaching academies. By connecting coaches and learners, HOKALI promotes accessibility and enhances the sports training experience. Whether someone is a beginner or an advanced athlete, HOKALI offers a platform to discover and engage with top-quality coaching services in various sports disciplines.

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Bateman – Advertising Services

Bateman is a service industry startup that specializes in providing advertising services. With a team of creative professionals and marketing experts, Bateman helps businesses develop effective advertising campaigns and establish a strong brand presence. By leveraging strategic communication and cutting-edge advertising techniques, Bateman drives brand awareness and customer engagement.

Propulsioneers – Transmission Solutions

Propulsioneers is a startup that provides innovative transmission solutions. Their expertise lies in energy efficiency, industrial automation, and industrial manufacturing. By developing advanced transmission technologies, Propulsioneers helps businesses optimize their operations, improve efficiency, and reduce environmental impact. Their solutions contribute to a sustainable and competitive service industry landscape.

ExcelSense – Asset Management Solutions

ExcelSense is an asset management firm that offers comprehensive solutions for businesses in the service industry. By leveraging technology and industry expertise, ExcelSense helps organizations effectively manage their assets, optimize financial performance, and mitigate risks. Their tailored approaches and data-driven insights enable businesses to make informed decisions and drive long-term success.

Sellstack – Scalable Sales Platform

Sellstack is a service industry startup that provides a scalable platform combining cutting-edge technology, go-to-market (GTM) strategy, and on-demand salespeople. By leveraging Sellstack’s platform, businesses can accelerate their sales processes, expand their customer base, and drive revenue growth. Sellstack’s flexible and agile sales solutions empower organizations to scale their operations effectively.

ArchSlate – Blockchain-Powered Talent Marketplace

ArchSlate is a talent marketplace powered by blockchain technology. With a focus on the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, ArchSlate offers training and hiring automation solutions. By leveraging blockchain’s transparency and security, ArchSlate connects talented professionals with relevant opportunities and streamlines the recruitment process for AEC businesses. Their platform fosters efficient talent acquisition and career development within the industry.

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Spendflo – SaaS Subscription Management Service

Spendflo offers comprehensive services for managing SaaS subscriptions. With their expertise in information technology and the service industry, Spendflo helps businesses optimize their software expenses, negotiate better deals, and track renewals effectively. By ensuring efficient usage and cost management of SaaS tools, Spendflo empowers organizations to maximize their return on investment in software solutions.

Delfina – Personalized Prenatal Care System

Delfina provides a personalized prenatal care system that utilizes the power of data to keep moms and babies safe during pregnancy. With their innovative technology and healthcare expertise, Delfina enhances the prenatal care experience, enabling healthcare providers to monitor pregnancies remotely and identify potential risks early on. Their personalized approach ensures the well-being of expectant mothers and promotes healthy outcomes for both mother and baby.


These 15 service industry startups in San Francisco represent the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that defines the city’s thriving startup ecosystem. Through their disruptive solutions, these startups are transforming customer experiences, driving operational efficiency, and reshaping industries. As these ventures continue to evolve and grow, they will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the service industry landscape, inspiring further innovation and pushing boundaries in San Francisco and beyond.

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