TrueFi – Decentralized Protocol for Uncollateralized On-Chain Lending

TrueFi is revolutionizing the lending space with its decentralized protocol that connects global lenders with institutional-grade lending opportunities. As an uncollateralized on-chain lending platform, TrueFi aims to become the ultimate market-driven, automated credit rating and lending system that frees money to move wherever it creates the most value, instantly. In this Startup Showcase, we take a closer look at TrueFi, its features, benefits, and how it is powering the DeFi lending revolution.

The Ultimate Market-Driven, Automated Credit Rating and Lending System

TrueFi is a credit protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain that bridges lenders and borrowers across the globe without the need for traditional, centralized intermediaries. Using on-chain credit history and algorithmic credit scoring, TrueFi matches lenders with borrowers in a trustless, transparent manner.

The platform eliminates the need for collateral or third-party assurances, allowing lenders to earn competitive rates on their assets while borrowers can access fast, fixed rate loans with no collateral requirements. The result is a win-win for both parties, with TrueFi acting as a trustworthy intermediary that secures the transaction using its TRU platform token.

TRU Token – The Engine that Powers TrueFi

TRU is the TrueFi platform token that functions as an on-chain governance mechanism to determine borrowing and lending rates, vet borrowers for creditworthiness, and approve new loans. Token holders vote on proposals, dApps, and any other changes to the protocol to ensure its secure and efficient operation. This revolutionary approach to decentralized governance is a key factor in TrueFi’s success, as it allows the platform to scale and adapt rapidly to changing market conditions.

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A Trusted Team with a Proven Track Record

TrueFi was developed by TrustToken, the same team that launched and grew TUSD and four other leading stablecoins into asset-backed tokens. Their track record in the DeFi space is unparalleled, with TrustToken’s stablecoins now moving billions of dollars in monthly volume across +100 trading partners and 112 countries. With this experience and expertise, TrustToken has positioned TrueFi as a leader in the DeFi lending revolution.


TrueFi is well-positioned to revolutionize the traditional lending industry with its decentralized and trustless credit protocol. By eliminating intermediaries and collateral requirements, TrueFi democratizes access to fast, fixed-rate loans while providing lenders with competitive rates on their assets. With TRU acting as the platform’s governance mechanism, TrueFi offers a scalable, adaptable, and transparent lending experience for all. The future of lending is here, and its name is TrueFi.

Website : https://truefi.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TrueFiDAO

 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/truefiprotocol/

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