Wellness Warriors – Unveiling San Francisco’s Innovative Wellness Startups


San Francisco’s vibrant startup ecosystem is not only focused on technology but also on transforming the way we approach wellness. In this article, we take a deep dive into the world of wellness startups in the city, highlighting 15 remarkable companies that are redefining the landscape of holistic wellbeing. From personalized healthcare solutions and chronic care platforms to innovative fitness trackers and virtual care platforms, these startups are at the forefront of revolutionizing the wellness industry. Join us as we uncover the groundbreaking work of San Francisco’s wellness pioneers.

Evernow – Empowering Women’s Health with Hormone Therapy

Evernow offers a free assessment for symptomatic women interested in pursuing hormone therapy (HT). By combining fitness, health care, and wellness, Evernow, founded by Alicia Jackson, helps women take charge of their health and well-being.

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Heard Technologies – Simplifying Financial Management for Therapists

Heard Technologies operates as a financial back office for therapists, streamlining accounting and financial services. Co-founded by Andrew Riesen and Victoria Li, Heard Technologies assists therapists in managing their finances efficiently.

Apella Technology – Revolutionizing Surgery with AI

Apella Technology is an AI startup focused on improving surgery through modern engineering. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Apella Technology, founded by Cameron Marlow and David Schummers, aims to enhance surgical procedures.

Oath Care – Transforming Healthcare for the Next Generation

Oath Care is on a mission to improve health outcomes for the next generation of kids by building a new model of group-based, continuous care. With a focus on healthcare and wellness, Oath Care, founded by Camilla Hermann and Michelle Stephens, is reshaping the way healthcare is delivered.

Prifina – Personal Data Infrastructure for Developers

Prifina offers a personal data infrastructure for developers to build apps on user-held data from personal sensors and sensorized products. With expertise in big data, privacy, and wellness, Prifina, founded by Jouko Ahvenainen, Kimmo Kiviluoto, and Markus Lampinen, enables developers to create innovative wellness applications.

Fair Square Medicare – Simplifying Health Insurance for Seniors

Fair Square Medicare provides a consumer-friendly way for seniors to purchase health insurance. Co-founded by Daniel Petkevich, Fair Square Medicare focuses on the elderly and aims to make health insurance more accessible.

Grayce – Navigating Care for Aging Loved Ones

Grayce is a navigation platform that assists families with aging, ill, and vulnerable loved ones. With a focus on elder care and healthcare, Grayce, founded by Julia Cohen Sebastien and Kassidee Kipp, provides support and resources to families during challenging times.

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Globe – Redefining Comfortable Living

Globe offers a real estate platform that allows people to live more comfortably. By addressing internet, privacy, and real estate concerns, Globe, founded by Emmanuel Bamfo and Eric Xu, helps individuals find living spaces that align with their wellness needs.

GritWell – Revolutionizing Chronic Care

GritWell is a virtual care platform where AI enables providers to deliver a new standard of chronic care. With a focus on healthcare, mobile apps, and wellness, GritWell, founded by Chelsea Rowe, is transforming the way chronic care is delivered and managed.

Allermi – Personalized Prescription Allergy Medications

Allermi offers direct delivery of customized prescription allergy medications, formulated by world-class allergists. With a focus on healthcare and wellness, Allermi, founded by Shani Bocian Steinberg, provides tailored solutions for allergy sufferers.

Span – Data-Driven Support for Fitness and Health

Span is a fitness and health tracker app that provides data-driven support for individuals’ health and fitness goals. Co-founded by Adam Bataineh and Patrick Samy, Span helps users track and optimize their wellness journeys.

mello – Tackling Burnout in the Workplace

Mello helps companies measure, track, and take action on burnout. With a focus on human resources and wellness, mello, founded by Alex Zvaniga, Bharat Kilaru, and CG Chen, supports organizations in creating healthier work environments.

Done. – Personalized Online Treatment for ADHD

Done. provides personalized online treatment for individuals with ADHD. With expertise in healthcare, medical, and wellness, Done., founded by Ruthia He, offers accessible and effective solutions for ADHD management.

Platform Good – Fitness Activities for Charitable Giving

Platform Good is a change platform that links fitness activities to charitable giving, solving CSR and marketing challenges for companies. Co-founded by Denis Kolesnikov, Platform Good bridges the gap between fitness, marketing, and wellness.

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Verano Health – Empowering Diabetes Management:

Verano Health is an accredited nonprofit digital health tech diabetes platform. With a focus on diabetes management, fitness, and wellness, Verano Health, founded by Karin Underwood, provides support and resources for individuals living with diabetes.


San Francisco’s wellness startup scene is buzzing with innovation and creativity. These 15 remarkable startups are leveraging technology, data, and personalized approaches to reshape the wellness industry. From hormone therapy and surgical advancements to virtual care platforms and personalized fitness tracking, these startups are at the forefront of improving people’s lives. Keep an eye on these trailblazing companies as they continue to revolutionize wellness and pave the way for a healthier future.

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