Will This New SaaS Platform Revolutionize Global Startup Investment Strategies?

Key Takeaways:

  • Go Global World is a Digital Silicon Valley Ecosystem for global startups, venture investors, and advisors.
  • The startup offers a SaaS platform to streamline startups applications and connect founders with relevant investors.
  • It aims to democratize access to knowledge, network, and capital for startup founders.
  • The platform also offers tools to help founders get to Product-Market-Fit, accelerate growth, enter new markets and fundraise.


Based in Palo Alto, California, Go Global World (GGW) is an emerging force in the startup ecosystem. Aiming to revolutionize startup investment strategies, GGW offers a unique Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to connect startup founders, venture investors, and advisors in an easy and automated way. The company was founded by Ana Pavlova and Danil Kislinskiy, who spotted a need for streamlining and democratizing the process of finding the right investors for global startups.

The company presents a unique approach to business development and social entrepreneurship, providing a digital platform that swaps irrelevant startup applications with relevant ones from other potential investors. This is coupled with a focus to ensure that every founder should have equal access to knowledge on starting a company, connecting to an international network, and funding opportunities.


What sets Go Global World apart from other platforms is its proprietary GGW Matching tools. The technology gives startup founders access to exclusive perks and support, minimizing traditional barriers that hamper many businesses from going global. Moreover, GGW offers the Globalizator, an online global startup accelerator, helping founders to achieve product-market fit, accelerate growth, and enter new markets confidently.

Additionally, the platform fosters a strong sense of community among global founders, emphasizing the idea that founders can help each other to go global. With this international approach, Go Global World combines technology and human touch to create diverse and inclusive networks that drive startup innovation and growth on a global scale.

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Go Global World is at the forefront of redefining investment strategies for startups. It has already exhibited noteworthy potential in revolutionizing the process of connecting startups and investors. As the company continues to grow and expand, the impact it has in the startup ecosystem is likely to be profound. The global entrepreneurial community can expect to see more diverse startups thrive, with Go Global World serving as the bridge that connects investment to innovation.

Stay tuned to Go Global World’s journey and connect through their website or on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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