Alpharetta’s Pioneering IT Startups: Navigating Georgia’s Tech Innovation Landscape

Alpharetta, a city on the suburban periphery of Atlanta, Georgia, has become an incubator for some of the most innovative Information Technology startups in the United States. These firms provide a diverse array of services, from health care technology to cloud services, analytics, and consulting, among others. Each startup tells a unique story of innovative solutions and offers a glimpse of technology’s transformative potential. This article takes a deep dive into some of these startups, offering insights into their offerings, industry domains, and founder(s).

The companies highlighted in this piece range from ShareMD, a firm that offers technology-driven real estate and physician practice solutions, to Vacmobile, a SaaS mobile application that seamlessly provides digital access, storage, and transmission of vaccination records. While others were founded on the principles of providing core IT services and solutions like CloudFen, an IT staffing, product development, recruiting, and outsourcing service company which makes us understand not just technology’s utility to Alpharetta’s IT landscape, but also the vast expanse of the industry’s scope.

Each startup showcases its unique blend of expertise, ingenuity, and innovation, reaffirming Alpharetta’s status as a leading hub for tech startups. The diversity in the tech landscape here is a testament to the city’s supportive ecosystem for such enterprises and their integral role in driving an innovation-fueled economy.


With a unique blend of healthcare and information technology, ShareMD is set on revolutionizing the medical real estate industry. Co-founded by George Scopetta, the company is essentially a physician practice solution platform that leverages the power of technology.

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Tesser Insights

Tesser Insights is an Analytics Platform as a Service started by Ganesh Swaminathan, Gayatri Mohan, and Sundararajan Balasubramaniam. Providing a solution within the sphere of analytics, consulting, and IT, it aims to meet the growing demand for data-driven decision-making tools in businesses.

HyperSphere Technologies

Specializing in data protection and cybersecurity, HyperSphere Technologies offers business solutions for safeguarding valuable data in today’s technologically advanced society.


Understanding the importance of efficient franchise operations, CloudFran comes forward as an IT solution provider offering management software for enhanced functioning and revenue generation.


Offering digital transformation solutions for the travel sector, Sojournistix is redefining how businesses operate in the travel industry.


CloudFen is an IT staffing, product development, recruiting, and outsourcing service company serving businesses across various domains.

Gilbert Global

Providing IT project management consulting services, Gilbert Global forms a crucial auxiliary force in the successful execution of IT projects.


As an IT asset management, disposition, and integration service company, Sturgeon helps businesses streamline their technology-driven processes.


Co-founded by Jennifer Sparks and William Sparks, Vacmobile is a SaaS mobile application that proves to be a handy tool in the times of COVID-19 outbreak, by offering digital storage and transmission of vaccination records.


Motrex, an industrial automation service provider, strategically combines various domains such as accounting, IT, and quality assurance to streamline industrial manufacturing processes.


Shaping the future with AI solutions for information autonomy, Framework is at the forefront of technological innovations in the ICT arena.


iATL is an engineering technical facility that tests the vehicle applications between the transportation infrastructure and motor vehicles, leading the way in transportation technology.

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B2B Growth Machine

Maintaining a focus on helping businesses overcome sales barriers, B2B Growth Machine leverages technology for enhancing client-based businesses.

Red Door Consulting

Founded by Jordan Tarshish, Red Door Consulting offers staffing and professional development training, thus ushering an era of professional growth in the IT sector.

Sentry IT

Sentry IT specializes in providing top-notch consulting and IT solutions focusing on areas like cloud, data center hardware, VoIP, cybersecurity, and data networks.

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