Austin’s Influential Healthcare Startups Revolutionizing US Medical Industry 2023

When it comes to the development and delivery of innovative healthcare solutions, Austin, Texas is emerging as a burgeoning hub in the US. From healthcare savings platforms to online speech therapy services, Austin’s healthcare startups are not only addressing critical health challenges but redefining patient care. In this article, we spotlight some of the most compelling healthcare startups based in Austin, Texas. As these innovative companies are highlighting, health tech in Austin is booming, driving significant improvements in treatment, prevention, and healthcare management.

Happy Health

As a mission-driven technology enterprise, Happy Health is dedicated to transforming the healthcare sector. Although the company doesn’t reveal much about its founders, its steadfast commitment to improving patient lives offers a promising glimpse into the startup’s potential.


With the aim of making speech therapy more accessible, Expressable offers online speech therapy services for people with communication disorders. Co-founded by Leanne Sherred and Nicholas Barbara, this startup is a fusion of e-learning and healthcare.

First Dollar

First Dollar is a healthcare savings platform set up by Colin Anawaty and Jason Bornhorst. It seamlessly blends the fitness, healthcare, and wellness industries to empower individuals to take control of their health finances.

4E Therapeutics

Specializing in neuroscience, 4E Therapeutics is making its mark in the health care industry. Founded by Craig Benson, Joe Price, and Ted Price, it forms a critical part in the intersection of biotechnology, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and therapeutics.

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AMMA Healing

AMMA Healing is an Austin-based wellness brand, offering hemp-healing products. Christopher Schenk, Danielle Sunberg, and Jamie McKibbin have joined forces to ship wellness products directly to customers.

Circinus Medical Technology

Circinus Medical Technology, co-founded by John Dorman, is developing a platform for surgical navigation, aiming to transform the way surgeries are conducted and ultimately improve patient outcomes.


As a supplements manufacturing company, Choq specializes in hormone health, testosterone, stress support, thyroid health, and herbal products. Their diverse product range exemplifies the vast potential and breadth of the healthcare industry.


Co-founded by Curtis L. Petersen and Nicholas Weber, Ucardia is reimagining cardiac rehabilitation, delivering solutions that are both innovative and impactful within the healthcare industry.

Avantera Health

Avantera is blending the power of nutrition and wellness to redefine healthcare. Although not much is known about the founders, the company’s holistic approach to health is driving real change in the sector.

Seven Nutrition

Seven Nutrition is a dedicated e-commerce site bringing health supplements right to your doorstep. As a part of the e-commerce sector in Austin, they’re helping to shape the future of online healthcare retail.

Funk It

At the intersection of consumer goods, healthcare, and wellness is Funk It. Founded by Claire Clark and Kate Morton, they’re empowering women by providing products and community support specialized in aiding hormonal health.


ChopFit, founded by Jon Spillman, is revolutionizing fitness with the chopper fitness tool. It’s designed to give a full-body cardio and strength workout anywhere, at home or outside.


In the healthcare diagnostics sector, Brazen is making waves with its platform designed to empower and equip all who menstruate, exemplifying the possibilities of personalized health tech.

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Austin Health Partners

At the forefront of pediatric and family medicine is Austin Health Partners. As a specialized medical clinic, they are dedicated to delivering expert care to families in Austin.

Ensemble Orthopedics

Completing the list is Ensemble Orthopedics. They’re innovating the field of orthopedics with their minimally invasive surgical methods for treating upper extremity osteoarthritis, thus aiding in the advancement of healthcare technologies.

The breadth and diversity of these healthcare startups are testament to Austin’s vibrant health tech scene, each offering promising solutions that align innovation with care.

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