Exploring Influential Media and Entertainment Startups in Austin, Texas, 2023

Austin, Texas, fondly termed as the ‘Silicon Hills,’ has become a bustling hub for tech start-ups over the past decade. Known for its thriving start-up culture, Austin promises a fertile ground for innovation, growth, and success. Recently, Austin has also gained recognition as a breeding ground for Media and Entertainment start-ups, offering unique and creative solutions to traditional media and entertainment industries. This article will showcase some interesting start-ups that are reinventing media and entertainment in Austin, Texas.

These media start-ups are disrupting the conventional modes of operations and creating modern, exciting platforms from which entertainment and information can be drawn. They comprise solutions to everyday challenges, focusing on a diverse range of topics, from innovative TV streaming, travel content, gaming, and advertising, to visual storytelling and even event management. Now, let’s dive in and take a closer look at these intriguing start-ups!

Whether you’re an investor scoped in on the next big thing, a budding entrepreneur seeking inspiration, or simply a technology enthusiast, this article will provide an enlightening view of the media and entertainment start-ups that are breaking new ground in Austin.


Atmosphere is a unique streaming platform designed to provide businesses with as many as 21 channels of innovative entertainment. The platform was founded by media enthusiasts John Resig and Leo Resig.

Luxury Travel Hackers

Luxury Travel Hackers, founded by Danny Lannon, Gary Kohn, and Katie Warner, offers an innovative solution to travelers by linking travel content and influencers on social media to provide instantly bookable travel solutions.

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Founded by Chrissy Cowdrey, Stagger is a visual storytelling platform enabling small businesses to drive increased revenue through the utilization of quality content.

Blended Sense

Blended Sense, a brainchild of Abigail Rose Baez, Albert Baez, and Georgina Elizondo Griffin, is a media technology platform connecting small business owners and creatives through a subscription model.

TruPlay Games

TruPlay Games is a Christian-focused entertainment company that aims to create transformative games for children.

Waterloo Media

Waterloo Media focuses on radio advertising, creating a difference in the advertising world by integrating innovation and effectivity.

3rd & Lamar

3rd & Lamar, a venture by Nick Schenck, is uniquely defined as a media company working in digital media, film, and the service industry.

Shot by Shot

Also breaking grounds in the world of film, Shot by Shot is a film festival giving space to underground and alternative filmmaking.

Act Up Talent

Act Up Talent is a DJ management and events company that also provides lighting and sound services.

The Drag

Founded by Robert Quigley, The Drag is an audio production house opening up new territories in the world of sound and audio.

Knit Like Granny & Crochet Penguin

Jodie Morgan’s ventures, Knit Like Granny and Crochet Penguin, are unique platforms providing tutorials and roundups for beginner knitters and crocheters.


Ploto, a venture by Benjamin Durham and Justin Brinson, is a first-party platform dedicated to mobile storytelling and SMS.

The CoWork Space

Founded by Krista Doyle, The CoWork Space is an online community and media site aimed at assisting women to excel at working remotely.


Pipeline, founded by David Steinberg and Stephen Ellis, is an online school focused on transforming creativity into careers for content creators.

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From radio advertising and luxury travel to knitting, these diverse startups are not only rejuvenating the face of the media and entertainment industry, but are also illustrating how innovative ideas can germinate from any walk of life. Austin is indeed a thriving nucleus for such unconventional and impressive startups. 

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