Austin’s Mighty Manufacturing Startups Reshaping Texas’ Industrial Landscape in 2023


Austin, Texas has long been recognized for its dynamic and vibrant startup scene. From tech-driven eCommerce firms to novel food and beverage ventures, Austin’s startups span a wide array of sectors. Yet, it is in the manufacturing arena where some of the most disruptive and innovative startups are making their mark. Here, we explore some of the manufacturing startups that are shaping the future of the industry.

These startups represent a diverse cross-section of the manufacturing field. From firms focused on developing high-performance electric bikes to those applying technology to home building, every company is unique. However, they share the common characteristic of employing cutting-edge technologies to deliver products or services that meet emerging market demands and drive industry evolution.

With the manufacturing sector expected to undergo significant transformations in the coming years, these startups signal exciting possibilities. From introducing new energy-efficient materials to devising innovative medical solutions, these ventures are leading the way with their inventive business models and products.

Canteen Spirits

Canteen Spirits takes an innovative approach to the food and beverage industry by providing a line-up of Vodka Soda drinks packaged in 12oz cans. Founded by Brandon Cason, Caroline R. Fabacher, and Daniel Barnes, the company seeks to inject excitement and convenience into the spirits market.


Ristretto focuses on creating high-performance, luxury electric bikes. Co-founders Christopher Gerardino and Dominic Da Silva, apply their combined expertise in electric vehicle manufacturing and transportation to the development of advanced and stylish bikes.

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FirePit is a robotics company that presents a novel solution for home builders. The startup aims to modernize the home services and machinery manufacturing industry with its diverse robot offerings.


Choq steps into the healthcare sector, manufacturing dietary supplements that offer hormone health, stress support, and thyroid health benefits. They focus on bringing high-quality, herbal products to the market.

Hempress Hygienics

Targeting the pharmaceutical and women’s health industry, Hempress Hygienics manufactures menstrual products using hemp fiber and other natural materials. The company is committed to providing healthier, sustainable alternatives in the feminine hygiene market.


Poucheo is redefining the paper manufacturing industry by developing a patent-pending process for making paper products waterproof and durable. Their innovative approach has the potential to revolutionize fashion, manufacturing, and design applications.


TexPower is a pioneering startup that commercializes cobalt-free, high-capacity, drop-in cathode materials for lithium-based batteries. Co-founded by Arumugam Manthiram, Evan Erickson, and Wangda Li, the firm is poised to lead advancements in the battery, energy, and manufacturing industries.

Mainstream Medical Devices

Mainstream Medical Devices provides comprehensive medical solutions by manufacturing and packaging medical equipment. The firm is committed to delivering quality healthcare products to improve individual wellness.


Vaask was established to manufacture and design hand sanitizer fixtures built for demanding and intentionally designed commercial environments. The brainchild of Jon Olsen, Vaask addresses a significant need in today’s health-conscious world.

Venture Connections

Venture Connections provides electronic components and supply chain sourcing for buyers, suppliers, and manufacturers. The company plays a crucial role in the electronics manufacturing ecosystem.

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Specializing in the creation of handsanitizers, ALLPURE adds to the growing list of firms focused on hygiene and health in response to the pandemic. The company caters to e-commerce and retail markets, transforming hand sanitation through the elegance and efficiency of their design.


LifePod is a Platform as a Service company providing Disaster Relief, City/Civic/Social-Facing Solutions, and off Grid Construction Developer services. Founded by Aa Aa, Bernard Nixon, and Christine Radosti, this startup bridges the divide between information services, real estate, and manufacturing.

Recess Pickleball

Recess Pickleball is a lifestyle Pickleball brand that encourages all levels of play. Founded by Maggie Brown, Recess Pickleball caters to the recreational sporting goods market.


Zeymo provides a cloud-based ERP for small and medium manufacturing businesses. Led by Michel Jreissati, the software solution has the potential to transform productivity and efficiency in the manufacturing sector.


Design-Science uses new industrial systems-design tactics to improve how the world works. Founded by Robb Bush, the enterprise offers services across numerous sectors including autonomous vehicles, enterprise software, logistics, and manufacturing.

Austin-based manufacturing startups are fostering innovation, advancing technologies, and creating novel solutions. These companies are providing a glimpse into the future of the manufacturing sector and proving that Austin is not just a tech hub, but a manufacturing center as well.


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